10 Common Things Drug Dealers Say and Why It’s All Wrong



10 common things drug dealers say

With drug use and drug addiction on the rise, business is definitely booming for drug dealers. However, unlike all other businesses, this kind of business isn’t something you can get out of alive. Even as a drug user, you’ll eventually see how drugs can ruin not just your life but that of your family’s and the community in general.

Here in the Philippines, drug dealers abound. They are even known to hang around schools, enticing young children and students to get a taste of their wares.
10 common things drug dealers say

As for drug dealers, they will say and do everything just to make a sale. In fact, they will see through you and nitpick your weaknesses, and use these to their advantage.

Drug dealers will approach you as a friend–and they will be very charming and accommodating. They will be believable and persuasive. They will offer you things that you may find hard to resist. However, they don’t care about you–they just care about making a profit.

Here’s the 10 most common things drug dealers say and why you shouldn’t believe them.

1. This will make you feel better. While sure the drugs have a high, this doesn’t last long and when the drug wears off, you’ll even feel worse than when you weren’t on the drug.

2. This will make you cool. He may even compare you to your friends who are using, or other people who are using and seem to have it all together. This marketing ploy is particularly effective among young people. However, it’s even far from the truth.

3. This will help you relax. Sure it feels relaxing at first, but the mental and behavioral changes drugs bring you are anything but relaxing–not to mention the problems that your drug use may cause.

4. You’ll get girls (or guys) with this. This is a common marketing ploy in clubs, enticing you to become more confident to hook up with another person. However, no drug can help you become more attractive to other people and have worthwhile relationships.

5. This is 100% pure. The thing is, anything you get from the streets are more likely cut with all sorts of chemicals and substances so that drug dealers can make a hefty profit.

6. This can help cure your ___. There’s no point self-medicating with an illegal drug. If you have a medical condition, it’s best to go to a doctor than to drug dealers.

7. There’s no side effects on this. No drug is free of side effects, much more illegal drugs. Aside from the physical side effects of narcotics, the effects of drug use and addiction can be more insidious.

8. This is the best price in the market. Of course, it is! But remember, they are in the business to make money, so the drug is most likely cut with all sorts of substances so they maximize the profit. It’s actually not for you, but for their own benefit.

9. This is harmless. Of course not! There’s a reason why they’re illegal and have no beneficial medicinal value. Aside from the immediate mental and physical effects, your drug use is more likely to develop into abuse and addiction.

10. Of course, I won’t cheat you. Drug dealing is inherently a dishonest trade. If they are not cheating you, they’re not making money. If they’re not making you use, they’re not making money. They get money out of you losing your life.

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