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Addiction is a Family Disease

When a family member is an alcoholic or a drug addict, the whole family is affected. Family members of addicts also undergo suffering and hurt caused by this disease. Everyday, concerned family members deal with worry, disappointment, guilt, fear shame, anger, and even resentment.

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A Toast to That: How Alcohol Affects You

The holidays and festivities are about to be over and you’re still revving yourself up for the last hurrah of New Year’s Eve parties. However, before you get yourself on another alcohol binge, read up on how drinking too much alcohol too often affects you.


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Before You Drink and Drive This Holiday Season…Read This!

…This is a recipe for disaster. Don’t mar the festivity of the holiday season with the wrong decision.

Alcohol-Free Holidays, Anyone?

Alcohol-Free Holidays, Anyone?
This may be the statistics in the US but the truth behind it is true all over the globe. Don’t drink and drive.

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A Mother’s Letter: “Are You Willing to Die for Drugs?”

The following is a heart-wrenching yet eye-opening letter of a mother who lost her son to drug addiction and misses him so much. Although this is in a Western setting, the problem of addiction affects families and cultures globally in much the same way: family members are shattered, spouses are broken hearted and parents cry out for the lives of their children.

Writing For Love

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The Real Cost of Addiction

Millions of Filipinos are addicted to some sort of substance or behavior, a great jump from no more than two decades ago. Ironically, many of them and their families would not resort to rehabilitation or treatment, saying that they cannot afford it.

How Much Time You Lose Out Of Your Life with Each Substance Use

How Much Time You Lose Out Of Your Life with Each Substance Use (c)dailyrecord.co.uk

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“They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab…” But Do I Really Need to Go?

“One more quick hit then I’ll quit. Promise.”

Have you said these words to yourself many times before? How about yesterday? And then today? Recovery is an Acceptance Read More

What Makes Video Games Addictive?

Video games are not really addictive in the clinical sense of the word. However, they are designed so that gamers will be hooked. These games are created so that gamers will spend more time playing the game. The games are challenging enough so that achievements can be very fulfilling and players would want to achieve more. These “wins” are what keep them playing the game, similar to how casinos work.

The Addiction That Plagues Kids (c)questgarden.com

The Addiction That Plagues Kids (c)questgarden.com

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Hitting Pause on Game Addiction

Playing video games can be a fun way to pass the time. Video games played with a computer, console, or handheld device, are after all created in a way that is engaging, challenging, and very entertaining. Many state of the art technology go into ensuring that each video game that comes out is something that players and avid gamers would play for hours.

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The Taboo: When Sex Becomes an Addiction

Sex is prevalent not only in international media but also locally as well. From sex-hyped television ads, to songs, to magazines, sex is everywhere, even in our predominantly Catholic and conservative culture. This is no wonder that many of our citizens are diagnosed as being clinically sex addicts. However, not much has been covered about this topic, and is even a highly taboo type of addiction in our country.

Sex Addiction  Source: (c)thewellnessdirectory

Sex Addiction
Source: (c)thewellnessdirectory

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