The Red Light on Drug Trafficking

Drug use is dangerous and can destroy many lives. Participating in the drug trade, such as processing and selling drugs, have their sanctions in many countries. Transporting illegal substances across other countries is a criminal offence and has serious consequences.

In light of recent events, we will tackle this subject of drug trafficking.


An x-ray of drugs smuggled inside the body

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Why You Should Stop Enabling

In many past posts, we have written about how to draw the line between enabling and empowering and how families can help their loved ones who are in recovery. Addiction and recovery can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions and judgment calls, a tug-of-war between helping and hurting.


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Only in the Philippines: Shabu Reigns Number One (Now What?)

Methamphetamine or crystal meth, known in our country as shabu, is the most widely used drug, with about seven million people (10% of the population), using it.

These figures are alarming, because it can mean that one in ten people are addicted to shabu.


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It’s Earth Day Everyday, Even if You’re in Recovery

Last April 22, we celebrated Earth Day, a movement and celebration of modern environmentalism, which is on its 45th year now. Earth Day capitalizes on the emerging and increasing consciousness not only of the anti-war advocacies that formed its roots in the 1970s but also the drive for environmental awareness and preservation efforts as a priority.



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For the Family: Dos and Don’ts of Recovery

Here are the dos and don'ts of recovery that you need to understand and practice as soon as your loved one leaves rehab.
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Are You Addicted to Facebook? Test for Yourself to Find Out

You may have told someone, “You’re addicted to Facebook!” Oftentimes, you may be the one on the receiving end of these kinds of phrases.

Although Facebook Addiction has been cleared by the experts to not be an official clinical diagnosis such as impulse control disorders, substance addiction, or pathological gambling, too much time on Facebook can still pose a problem to people.

So how do you know if you or someone you know is addicted to Facebook? Answer TechAddiction’s Facebook Addiction Test to find out:



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Warning Signs to Look Out for in Your Troubled Teen

When your child reaches puberty, things become a little more difficult. Parenting your teen can be challenging enough. But when your troubled teen becomes depressed, violent,reckless, or introduced to alcohol or other substances and may even tend to abuse it–then you know you have trouble in your hands.


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Guidance from the Grave: An Inspirational Story

The story below is from, which is a project by the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Drug Action Team that aims to work with recovering addicts to write their addiction and recovery stories. The aim of these stories is to inspire others as they start or stay in recovery.

These stories are from real-life people who have been addicted to various substances and have been into dire situations but have managed to rise up above them all. These stories aim to show that recovery is possible.


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Empowering VS Enabling: Which Side Are You On?

As families and friends of someone dealing with substance or behavioral addiction you may feel that you are at your wits’ end trying to figure out how you should behave towards the addict. At times, you may even bicker among yourselves how you should let the addicts be or impose stricter rules. Either way, you are all coming from the same place of concern and love for the addicts.


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An Addict In The Family

Your husband’s becoming more and more distant and you can’t seem to recognize him. He’s become a stranger to you, someone who often becomes violent, or angry, or heaven-knows-what-mood now. Lately, he’s been having trouble at work and he’s losing a lot of money. You worry that he will start stealing from you or from other people.



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