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Are You Dating an Addict? Here’s What You Should Know

Dating is really quite stressful enough but loving an addict is really something. The problems that typically occur in relationships, from forgetting your anniversary to checking out other women to actually cheating on you--these are nothing compared to being in a relationship with someone who abuses drugs or alcohol.
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Saying “No” While in Recovery

At first, we have to say "no" to our addiction, specifically our drug of choice. But as we progress through our recovery, we would learn that there's more to our journey, more things to say "no" to.
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Risk Factors for Drug Addiction and Ways to Counteract Them

Many experts agree that there are certain risk factors that affect someone's likelihood and speed of developing an addiction, especially for drugs. Research suggest risk factors that increase a person's chances for addiction, while there are protective factors that can reduce it.
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Take a Deep Breath: The Effects of Smoking Weed

Despite what many researchers say that are then debunked by other researchers, smoking marijuana has many immediate and long-term effects that are less than desirable.
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How to Choose the Right Rehab for Drug, Alcohol or Behavioral Addiction

Having a loved one with a drug, alcohol or behavioral addiction problem can be a lot of stress and hardship. And the process of choosing the best rehabilitation facility for them can also be difficult. There are so many out there. And how would you know which one suits your loved one's case the best?
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Is Your Loved One on Crystal Meth? 30 Things to Watch Out For

The rising drug statistics and the prevalence of crimes involving drugs that you see in the news can be enough […]
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