10 Simple Ways to Deal with Stress Without Drugs or Alcohol

Stressful situations are add spice to life. After all, you cannot appreciate the good without the bad. There are many things in life that can lead to stress, such as problems or situations involving work, family, social life, health, and even just the daily traffic. It is just how you respond to the stressors, whether they are big, small, simple or complex, that define whether you will let life’s challenges get the best of you or you will rise above them all.


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Is Your Loved One Addicted to Alcohol?

We all know that one person who always has a little too much to drink. Or maybe that’s you, or someone dear to you. Are they in the brink of being addicted to alcohol? Here we discuss the signs and symptoms as well as the dangerous withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction.


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Transcending Addiction: A TEDx Talk

What is it that people really need to escape their addiction and achieve sustained recovery and sobriety? How can we really be free from our addictions? http://wp.me/p5dYHv-eM
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7 Ways to Break Bad Habits–and Keep Them Broken

We all have them–bad habits.

From biting our nails to smoking, from browsing Facebook non-stop at work to spending too much money in unnecessary purchases, and from rumor-mongering to easily getting angry. We wish these bad habits can stop jeopardizing our body, finances, career, and even our relationships. After all, we know it’s a complete waste of time and energy, not to mention adding more problems in our already complicated lives.


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Whose Fault Is It That I am an Alcoholic?

Ask anyone why they drink the way they do and they'll answer that it's because of...
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Stopping the Stigma: Understanding Drug Addiction

The social stigma of addiction, in many ways, is as bad as the widespread drug use itself.
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When You Let Your Kids Taste Liquor or Beer–Here’s What Happens

In one way or another, we may know or witnessed firsthand someone letting their kids taste a little beer or wine at a party. After all, it’s a special occasion and it’s harmless, right?


Credits: Safe and Sober Alliance

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Been Trying to Quit and Failing? Here’s Why

Many people will often get to the point when they notice that they may be using too much, causing some problems, getting out of hand, or getting sick. They may start to think that they may really be having a substance abuse problem and even decide to do what it takes to quit.


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The Struggle is Real, But You Are Not Alone

Addiction can be a very difficult situation to deal with. A family member or loved one struggling with chemical dependency and addiction should realize that the struggle is real–but they are not alone. 

Below are stories of people who understand and have dealt with firsthand the struggle of addiction. They also shed light to the idea that there is still hope for recover.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMiLiXN1aJc&w=560&h=315]

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Winning Back Your Spouse After Rehab

Addiction can come between couples and break them apart–often in irreparable ways. Addiction can push very far apart people who once loved each other so deeply, to the point that they do not recognize each other anymore: one only sees the drug, while the other only sees the addiction.


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