Want to Try? Here’s How Drugs Can Affect Your Life

Media has long glamorized addiction. Shopping, alcoholism, even drug used seem to sparkle and shine when it’s scripted and in front of the camera. But as many who know first-hand the crushing consequences of addiction, all the glamour is gone when faced with the reality of this so-called disease.


Drugs affects your brain–and your life

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The Insanity of Addiction

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

While this quote can be attributed to Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, or Benjamin Franklin, it really doesn’t matter when it comes to addiction–because the quote clearly and adequately describes substance and behavioral addiction.


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Top 10 Signs of Addiction

Whether it’s not really obvious, you’re in denial, or you simply have no clue, someone you love or care about may be addicted to a substance or behavior.


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12 Spiritual Principles To Live By in Your Recovery

Many people who enter the doors of rehabilitation often find themselves also struggling with their spirituality. Many struggle with the idea of spirituality or the belief in a higher power because they may not identify themselves as religious, or have now rejected religion.


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Alcoholics Hiding in Plain Sight

Alcohol can be confusing. It can be highly addictive for some, while there are others who can drink every weekend and still maintain safe drinking boundaries. In this case, alcohol is selectively addictive.



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Daily Motivation: Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Strong, Sane and Sober

Yes To You

No matter who you are, or how far along you are in your recovery, you will find out that there will always be challenges along the way. These challenges will not only test your sobriety, but also your disposition and inner strength. During these times, you need an extra boost of motivation to keep you going on the right track. While some can find this motivation within themselves, some may still need a little shove in the right direction with some outside help.

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GMA NewsTV11 Brigada Features Bridges of Hope in Episode on Alcoholism

In an episode aired September 29 at 8pm on GMA NewsTV 11, Brigada features Bridges of Hope as it interviews Envic Zamora, Bridges of Hope Executive Director, about alcoholism and treatment options available for alcoholics. In this episode, reporter Jay Zabale goes in depth on the different issues about alcohol and how drinking is deeply rooted in Filipino culture.


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Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone in Recovery

As addiction becomes prevalent in most societies all over the globe, having people who underwent rehabilitation and are now in recovery is no surprise. Maybe you or someone you know already have friends who are in recovery. While you yourself didn’t have problems with substance abuse and addiction, you can only imagine the hardships your friend have gone through. However, you can always offer your support.


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7 Steps to Successfully Set and Keep Your Recovery Goals

Life can be very different now that you’re in recovery. After a lifestyle of destruction and letting your compulsions control you, you are now the one that is finally in control of your life–and it can be overwhelming. However, think of it as a new leaf, a new chance at a better life. You are now taking a new direction in your life that you never thought is possible.


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Change for Good: Unveiling The 10 Secrets to Achieve Any Goal

Whether it is to start saving for that new house, lose weight, get that promotion, have that dream vacation or quit a bad habit, we all have goals. Simple or extravagant, these goals are the things that we want and need to make our lives more enjoyable and worthwhile.


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