Alcohol Drinking and Cancer – Don’t Ignore the Link


As December rolls in, you can expect holiday party invitations coming in left and right. And who can resist: the food, the party, the gifts, and the booze?

Well, before you accept another invitation and engage in an all-nighter booze fest, it’s important to know just what you are putting in your body and how it affects you in the long run. Read More

Living With An Addict: What It’s Like


Addiction not only affects the addict, but also the family. The loved ones living with an addict are the ones who had to deal with the negative effects and behavior addiction brings. They have to go through the lies, manipulation, deceit, secrecy, blame, as well as emotional and even physical abuse. For someone who lives with an addict, or co-dependent, daily life revolves around sadness, hurt, fear, worry, despair, and a never-ending search for that elusive hope.

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You and Your Stinking Thinking


One of the trickiest things about drug, alcohol, and behavioral addiction is that your can find yourself battling with your own stinking thinking. Your mind is working against you, like when you vow to just drink two bottles but ended up downing 8 or more. It’s like also that time when you promised yourself you’d head straight home to your family but ended up still making that too-familiar detour to where you smoke shabu with your “friends.”

The addicted brain is a battleground between pro-addiction thoughts (thoughts that push you towards drinking and using) and pro-recovery thoughts (thoughts that help you stay sober) ~Harold Urschel, Healing and the Addicted Brain


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Bridges of Hope Website Launches

After a full month of development, we are pleased and excited to announce the launch of our new Bridges of Hope

new-bridges-of-hope-website-launchYou’ll see that the website will have user-friendly and convenient features, as it has all been completely recoded from the ground up.

Bridges of Hope Homepage

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Addiction and HIV: A Dangerous Tandem


We’re now putting the spotlight on HIV and how it is linked to substance addiction.

Attention on HIV (or Human Immunodeficiency  Virus) has been revived anew since the recent revelation of controversial actor Charlie Sheen about him being HIV-positive. Many of his friends have urged him to come out amid rumors and in order to somehow erase the stigma surrounding this disease.

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Dangers of Inhalant Drugs

“Nagrugby ka ‘no?!” This is often a joke we tell our friends when they say or do something ridiculous. This is because we associate Rugby, a brand of contact cement, to those we see addictively sniffing it in our streets.

We call these “Rugby Boys” because those who sniff Rugby are usually street children. While joking about sniffing rugby is part of Filipino culture, inhalant or rugby sniffing by our youth is no joke.


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How to Help Someone Who Doesn’t Want Help


How would you help someone who doesn’t want your help and doesn’t even help himself? 

It’s an impossible scenario right?

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Bouncing Back in Life After A Relapse


For some who have undergone rehabilitation and found it difficult to kick the habit for good for some reason, the possibility of relapse becomes real. And if you have indeed relapsed, you may be in a rut or questioning what to do next. Instead of giving up on recovery and your sober lifestyle, you should take this moment to reflect on the cause of your relapse and how you can avoid it in the future.

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So Your Teen Won’t Stop Abusing Drugs?


There are several myths and misconceptions that teens have about alcohol and drug use, which resulted in them having willfully tried and even chosen the path or abuse and addiction.

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10 Drug Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


Peel back the layers of society anywhere in the world and you’ll find a deep, dark, and disturbing culture of illegal drug abuse. But hey, this isn’t new. Illegal drugs is widespread. In fact, it is a $400-billion-a-year global industry that involves its production, trafficking, and sales. Google about illegal drugs or narcotics long enough and you may even find some who sell different kinds (and guises) of it online.

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