Tips to Welcome the New Year Sober


Here are the secrets to celebrating the New Year while still staying sane and sober.

A sober New Year’s Eve party?

For some, that may be hard to imagine as parties greeting 2016 sprout up everywhere. In fact, the New Year celebration is almost always celebrated with a pop of champagne bottles being opened and people raising their bottles or glasses of booze on a celebratory toast for the year ahead.

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Best Recovery Quotes for 2016


The New Year holds hope for everyone, and if you are in recovery, this is the best time to mark your new, better, positive, healthier, more productive, and sober life. Here are the best recovery quotes to help inspire you this coming 2016.

The New Year always brings an excitement, a rush, as we look forward to opportunities and better things ahead. The New Year holds a new chapter in our lives as well as a chance to correct past mistakes, move on from the past, and basically be better.

As 2016 approaches, we say goodbye to the past year and look forward to a better version of yourself and your life. And, if you are in recovery, this is your best chance to welcome the coming year with hope. To help inspire you, we have compiled 15 of the best recovery quotes for 2016.

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2015’s Top Addiction and Drug Songs


2016 is just around the corner, but here we give you a rundown of 2015’s top songs about addiction and drugs.

Over the years, drugs have also helped inspire many musicians as they compose and arrange their music. From the Beatles to Alice in Chains, Lou Reed to Third Eye Blind, drugs have become inspirations and subjects for a lot of the popular music hits.

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We Did Drugs Together–Why Am I The Only One Addicted?


Ever wondered about that? If you are abusing drugs, know someone who is addicted, or are in recovery, you may be puzzled why other people can do drugs and not get addicted, while there are those that easily get hooked. Read on to find out why.

Drug use is very common here in the Philippines, with meth (locally known as shabu) coming in as the most dominant illegal drug used.

In a 2014 statistics report by the Dangerous Drugs Board, many of the male and female admitted in residential and non-residential rehab facilities abuse more than one drug, which includes meth, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and other drugs.


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Sobriety: The Best Christmas Gift You Can Give


It’s Christmas time!!!

It’s that time of the year again. A time for family, food, fun, love, togetherness, and of course, gifts! The Christmas trees are decorated, the lights are lit, the Christmas gifts are all wrapped, and everyone is prepared for that Noche Buena with family and loved ones.

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This is You on Alcohol: Why You Should Have a Sober Holiday


Is a sober holiday really impossible?

Christmas is just around the corner and for sure, there are many Christmas parties that you have attended or are yet to go to. There are those that involved cheer and, of course, a little booze. Before you hit the bar again on your next party, we give you the lowdown on what alcohol does to your body.

When is a little booze, just a little–and when can you say that you have crossed the line?


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Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: When Babies are Born Addicted


When you or someone you know is pregnant, doctors tell you not to take certain medications such as aspirin and cough syrup, because these have harmful effects on the fetus in the womb and on later child development. Aspirin and cough syrup are basic medication that can be obtained over-the-counter and are otherwise harmless.

So imagine if a pregnant woman is taking illicit, illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin among many others?

Watch this video about babies born addicted to drugs:

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VICE News on Philippine Shabu Cartel


The Philippines’ growing addiction to meth (shabu) is a hot spot for international meth cartel syndicates. VICE News takes a closer look.

VICE News, an international news organization, sheds light on the Philippine drug cartel with a trailer on its upcoming piece titled, Crystal Meth and Cartels in the Philippines: The Shabu Trap.

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What the Serenity Prayer Means in Your Recovery


The Serenity Prayer is perhaps one of the most popular prayer or recitation piece for those who are struggling with addiction or are undertaking the path to recovery. But what does it really mean? Where did it come from?

Here, we breakdown the history and meaning of the Serenity Prayer and how it can impact your recovery.

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Eyes See You: Your Eyes and the Drugs You Use


The eyes can tell a lot about a person if he or she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You can find out some cues on the article and infographic below.

The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul.

The eyes tell a lot of things about a person, and whether or not they are happy, sad, angry, surprised, and even lying. However, that’s not all that the eyes can show about a person.

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