Marijuana Addiction: Signs and Symptoms


Whether you, a family member, or friend has a problem with marijuana addiction, you should be able to know the signs and symptoms. Here we outline the most common marijuana addiction signs and symptoms and how you can get the help you need for yourself or your loved ones.

Marijuana, also known as weed or cannabis, refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Its mind-altering effects are caused by the chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds.

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Shabu and Sex: The Perfect Storm


It’s known that meth, or shabu, causes feelings of euphoria. However, aside from that, it also increases sex drive while decreasing inhibitions, creating the perfect recipe for drug-induced sexual promiscuity.

Methemphetamine, meth, or shabu, is a powerful stimulant that is widely abused worldwide. It is highly addictive as it provides users with an extremely pleasurable high because it stimulates the part of the brain that releases the feel-good neurochemical called dopamine. Aside from producing feelings of euphoria, meth also creates sexual arousal. Therefore, it is no wonder that many meth users, both men and women, often go into sexual overdrives as the drug spikes their sex drive and lowers their inhibitions.

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Meth Spells Trouble for Women


Women addicted to meth are more vulnerable as their body metabolizes the drug differently than males. This opens them to many dangers that can leave them abused, traumatized, violated, injured, and even pose fatal risks on their lives.

If love is a drug that can make you do ridiculous, even stupid, things, imagine what if you are actually on drugs? Like meth?

While love can be very intoxicating, making you obsessed and impulsive over another person, being high on meth can do more than just give you butterflies in your tummy. In fact, meth can even put you in a dangerous situation, in company of dangerous people, and the risk of unsafe sex and sexually-transmitted infections.

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Signs You Need In-Patient Treatment for Addiction


If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, in-patient treatment is the best option. Check-in to rehab it you feel like you or someone you know meets these signs.

Long-term and chronic drug and alcohol abuse can leave a person with devastating physical, mental, financial, and relationship problems. If you live with someone who has an addiction problem, you can probably see how their life is spiraling downwards. And guess what, this will continue unless they get the professional help they need through a reputable drug rehab facility such as Bridges of Hope.

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How Can You Help a Meth Addict?


As with any form of addiction, help is only effective when the addict is ready and is open to receive it. Most often than not, they are in denial and would refuse help thinking they are absolutely just fine. Here’s how you can help the addict to get the help they need.

While it is still up to the meth addict if they are open to receive help, you can still create a plan to get them the help they need. The first step here is information. You have to know more about crystal meth itself, and how it affects your loved one.

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METH: The Deadly Effects of Shabu


Methamphetamine, or commonly known as shabu here in the Philippines, is one of the most, if not THE most, widely abused drugs in the country. Let’s revisit the effects of shabu and how this highly addictive drug is dangerous to you.

Meth can give you a sense of power, confidence, well-being, and bliss. However, this is all false, as a few “hits” can set you up for a life of strife and suffering as you–and your family–go down in its trap.

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Leave Rehab Early


Many thoughts and overwhelming feelings can occur especially in the first weeks of treatment. There’s this psychological and even spiritual tug of war as many thoughts and conflicts plague the addict entering rehab.

Here in the Philippines, people enter drug rehab facilities voluntarily or with the urging of their families or spouses. Often, they will feel torn within themselves. They may believe, deep inside, that they have problems that need to be addressed. However, they may also feel a sense of uncertainty, doubt, or even denial.

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Alcohol Poisoning: When Your Cocktail Becomes Toxic


Alcohol poisoning is very dangerous that it can even lead to death without prompt and adequate medical treatment.

So you got promoted and decided to hit the bar with your friends to celebrate. After all, you think you have to reward yourself after all the hard work you’ve done. At the bar, you and your friends are having fun, and you know you have all been drinking a little too much. Suddenly, one of your friends fall to the floor after vomiting profusely–and is now unconscious.

What happened is alcohol poisoning, and if he doesn’t get the immediate help that he needs, your friend may die.

What you thought would be a night of revelry and alcohol can turn instantly into a disaster when one drinks an excessively large amount of alcohol within a short period of time, resulting to alcohol poisoning.

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Your Survival Guide to Loving an Addicted Person


Loving an addict is never easy. It lures an otherwise sober person full of potential into a destructive downward spiral–and his or her loved ones are never spared. Often, relationships and hearts get broken in the process. If you love an addict, what can you do?

Addiction comes in many forms: alcohol, drugs, shopping, porn, sex, video games, food, gambling, and many more. However, they share one thing in common–they leave destruction in their wake.

So how can you continue loving someone whom you know has a problem with addiction? How can you stay healthy, sane, and positive–while surviving it all?

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He Chose Drugs Over Love. Why?


Loving an addict is difficult, and you will find this the hard way. Over and over, he will choose drugs over love…over you. However much it hurts, it’s best to know that this isn’t about you–it’s about his addiction.

“Drugs or me?!?” You may have given this ultimatum to your spouse or significant other who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

Deep in your heart, you hoped he’s going to choose you. After all, if he truly loves you, he’ll choose you, right?


He chose drugs over love. And he would do it over and over again–unless he gets help.

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