20 Random Facts About Cocaine

Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive drug and can be taken into the body by snorting, injecting, and smoking (crack cocaine).

Let’s take a closer look at this drug:

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100 Signs Your Partner Has A Substance Abuse Problem (Part 3)


In the first and second parts of our series, we have discussed the many signs of substance abuse and addiction. Now we tackle the drug-specific signs of substance abuse.

Aside from physical, psychological, and behavioral effects of drugs, there are also other signs that you should look out for in your loved ones in order to find out exactly what kind of drug they are on.

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100 Signs Your Partner Has A Substance Abuse Problem (Part 2)


This is the second part of a series of articles about recognizing substance abuse in your spouse, partner, or significant other.

Aside from personal and behavioral signs of substance abuse, there are also psychological signs. This is because substances, such as illegal drugs and alcohol, also affects the brain in many significant, and often irreversible, ways.

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100 Signs Your Partner Has a Substance Abuse Problem (Part 1)


This is the first part of a series of articles about recognizing substance abuse in your spouse, partner, or significant other.

Substance abuse is a silent epidemic in our country, affecting hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people and their families. According to the Dangerous Drugs Board, many of people abuse more than one kind of drug, which includes alcohol, marijuana, and meth (shabu).

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Aftercare: Why It’s a Must in Your Recovery


Moving out of a rehab facility doesn’t mean that your treatment is absolutely over as you still need to have aftercare. Seeking treatment is really not the end of your addiction, and this is why aftercare is required especially in the first years of recovery.

So you’ve just completed your treatment in a rehab facility. You may be hoping or tempted to be able to say that your problems with addiction are finally over. However, the story is not over yet. There’s still work to do–this is where aftercare comes in.

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10 Signs You Have Internet Addiction


Too much of anything is indeed bad for you. In the age of LOL, OMG, and #TBT, are we spending far too much time on the internet? Internet addiction, like any addiction, can cause many problems. Here’s how you know if you yourself have an internet addiction.

While the Internet is a very useful tool for gaining knowledge and establishing connections, too much can be harmful. Internet addiction can cause a number of problems, from poor performance at work, strained relationships, and family problems. For one, every minute you spend on the internet is time away from work, yourself, friends, and family. There’s also the issue of sitting for hours (or all day) and not having an active lifestyle.

Spending excessive time on social media is unhealthy and can do a lot of harm. Here’s how you know if you’ve been on the Internet too much.

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Open Letter From a Recovering Addict


This open letter was written by Molly McBride and was published on March 16, 2015 in Thought Catalog.

We are posting this here to help other people understand addiction and to encourage them to look beyond the social stigma of addiction.

To anyone who understands, tries to or just can’t seem to:

Like many addicts I have come to know and love in recovery, I have a story.

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Craving? 10 Things to Tell Yourself First (Part 2)


Whether you have decided to quit by yourself or have undergone treatment and is now in recovery, there will be times when you come across a trigger and the craving kick in. How do you handle this and maintain your sobriety?

In a previous post, we have enumerated 5 of the things you can tell or remind yourself when you start to crave for drugs or alcohol. In continuation to that, we are listing 5 more things to remind yourself why you have chosen to be sober in the first place. Read on these valuable go-to pieces and keep encouraging yourself to stay committed to a life in recovery.

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Craving? 10 Things to Tell Yourself First (Part 1)


So you have gone through months of addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Now, with fresh new eyes and a sober mind, you’re off to start your life anew. But then, as many weeks pass and reality hits, you find yourself craving for a drink or a hit of that drug you swore you’ll never touch again. What should you do?

Addicts, whether those who were drug or alcohol dependent, wouldn’t be called addicts if the urge isn’t strong. At some point along the way, they would badly want–or even need–to drink or use. The same can still be said when you are in early recovery. Even those who may seem to have established their sobriety would find the temptation knocking at their doors even after a few years.

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Parent of a Drug Addict? Here’s the 10 Things You Will Learn


With addiction, the home becomes a battleground, where every day, family members struggle for control, order, peace, a sense of sanity, and a way out of the downward spiral, a way to save their addicted child. For parents of a drug addict, the pain, worry, love, and despair is incomparable. You want to take away their pain, yet you don’t want to take their only source of joy away, either.

Let’s face it. It’s easy to judge other people who have succumbed to drugs or alcohol–until it hits close to home.

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