9 Dangerous Mind-Altering Drugs that Used to Be Legal


Since ancient times, civilizations have used different nature-derived substances to heal illnesses, protect against diseases, and improve the overall quality of people’s lives. Since then, medicine has come a long way, and in recent centuries, chemists have began to experiment with synthesized chemicals from natural substances. Many of these chemicals have led to many effective drugs while some have led to undesirable consequences.

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Learning the 12 Steps of Addiction Recovery


Who knows the path out of addiction merely takes 12 Steps?

Well, it’s not really as easy as it sounds, as many recovering addicts will tell you. 12 Steps is actually a program that helps people recovering from various kinds of addiction though 12 guiding principles that outline a course of action or mindset for dealing with addiction and getting into the path of recovery. Let’s take a look at each of these steps:

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Addictions in Sobriety


Even when you are now in recovery, you can still be caught off-guard by addictions in sobriety. Find out the most common ones below.

The brain has the infamous rewards center which dictates a lot of our motivations, drives, likes, and dislikes. It is also the one responsible for the development of addictions.

At the heart of this rewards center is dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that is released in the brain each time we experience pleasure, like eating a good meal, getting a promotion, winning a prize, receiving a reward, and many more. These examples are natural rewards, and drugs and alcohol can release 10 times more dopamine than these.

As our brains get recurring surges of dopamine, we continue to seek our substance (or behavior) of choice in order to feel the same pleasure. Over time, we need more and more of the substance or repeat the activity more frequently, in order to maintain the same feeling of pleasure. This develops an addictive cycle that is hard to break.

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Ecstasy: What’s With All the Rave?


Over the past years, Ecstasy has been widely used as a party drug by teens and young adults. The drug has now recently been under closer scrutiny with reports of 5 youths dying in a concert from what was suspected as party-drug use. So what’s with all the rave?

Ecstasy, also known as Molly and MDMA, has been widely popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s, especially in the rolling, all-night rave parties and electronic dance music scenes. For avid party goers who are looking for a heightened experience, E represented to them euphoria, energy, and escape.

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Dealing With Addicted Parents


Millions of young adults and children all over the world suffer the turmoil and dysfunction of living with a parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. If one or both of your parents are enslaved to substance abuse, it can embarrass, frustrate, hurt, anger, and even put your security at risk.

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Social Media: Are You Overdoing It?


In light of the recently concluded campaign period and the unfolding election results, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media have been a-buzz non-stop with news, satire, memes, opinionated posts, and of course–bashing. Everyone’s even counting on their social media newsfeed to be abreast the latest election news. But is our social media usage taking over most of our lives? Let’s find out.

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The Secret to Dealing with a Violent Spouse


The cycle of love and violence from an abusive spouse can be such a mind-boggling emotional roller coaster to deal with. Sometimes, it’s hard to find out which one is real anymore: the overly romantic words of affection, or the passive-aggressive behavior that easily escalate to life-threatening acts of violence?

Can someone who loves you really hurt you?

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Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse


Drug and alcohol addiction creeps in very slowly into your loved one’s life without you even knowing. And when you do, the substance have already gripped the life of your partner or spouse in ways that you may not be able to easily comprehend at first. Yes, addiction can be that insidious.

Left unchecked, the signs and symptoms of addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol, can have many significant, devastating, and even fatal effects to your partner. As for you and your family, life will never be the same.

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Marijuana: The Lowdown on Getting High


Marijuana, despite what you see on television and in the movies, is a dangerous drug to be addicted to. In fact, it can be as addictive as alcohol. It can also bring about many harmful effects to the body, the mind, and your life.

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What is the Most Dangerous Drug Addiction?


Methamphetamine, meth, or locally shabu, is a dangerous drug. While it’s true that many drugs are deadly for an addict, meth holds a special place on top of the list of the most dangerous drugs.

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