Drug Cocktail: Why It’s Exponentially Dangerous to You


Taking more than one drug at a time, like a drug cocktail, can magnify the effects of each drug and cause lethal consequences.

Taking two or more drugs is not uncommon. Polysubstance use, which is the act of taking more than one drug to augment, supplement, or complement the effects of the first drug, is actually the norm for many drug users.

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Bridges of Hope Program Director Envic Zamora Gets Interviewed on GMA7 Saksi


One of Bridges of Hope’s Program Directors, Envic Zamora, is interviewed by Maki Pulido for late night news program, Saksi, aired June 27 at 11pm. The interview centered around the need for more rehabilitation centers, in light of the recent surrender of drug addicts and the need to rehabilitate them.


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The Addiction Switch


Where does addiction begin? Where does chemical dependence take over the simple urge to use? When does the addiction take over the reward centers in the brain? When does hunting for the “high” end and the fear of the “come-down” begin? Here we discuss the addiction switch and how it explains it all–or at least tries to.

Many research has been about about addiction, and perhaps one of the most significant study made is on the so-called “addiction switch.”

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10 Things You Need to Know About Meth Addiction


Meth addiction can change the way you look, think, feel, and interact. Knowing as much information about meth, addiction, and treatment can help save your life and those of others.

Meth addiction has long been rampant here in the Philippines, with reportedly 1 in 10 people using or are addicted to the substance. Perhaps you know of one person in your household or community who are addicted to meth or shabu. Perhaps you may have even tried, or are addicted to, it yourself.

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You Don’t Need Drugs to Dance

dont-need- drugs-to-dance

Really, you don’t need drugs to dance. So next time you go to a rave party, hold off on those pills and stay sober.

For one, you don’t know what you might be popping into your system (and your brain), and mixed with alcohol and heat, you may end up with your fun cut abruptly short due to health problems. Besides, it’s still best to experience life with your eyes wide open and your mind clear.

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Watch News5 ReAksyon Interview with Bridges of Hope’s Gimo Gomez (Part 2/2)


On June 17, Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Foundation Program Director Gimo Gomez appears for the second time on an interview with News5 anchor Luchi Cruz-Valdez for her show, late night news magazine, ReAksyon. This is the second part of a two-part discussion on drugs and addiction, and Gomez shares his experiences and expertise, as one former drug addict himself and now as a recovering drug addict who helps others, as a Program Director of one of the top rehabilitation centers in the country, to get on the path of sobriety.

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Watch News5 ReAksyon Interview with Bridges of Hope’s Gimo Gomez (Part 1/2)


On June 16, Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Foundation Program Director Gimo Gomez was invited by News5 anchor Luchi Cruz-Valdez for an interview on her show, late night news magazine, ReAksyon. The interview was spurred by the latest incident involving youths who died in the Close-Up Forever Summer event, where the victims allegedly died due to drug overdose. The interview was also timely as the country ushers in a new president, former Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who was well-known on his strong stance against illegal drugs.

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Program Director Gimo Gomez Appears on TV5 ReAksyon


Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Foundation Program Director, Gimo Gomez, is interviewed by prominent broadcaster Luchi Cruz-Valdez on ReAksyon, which shows on TV5 at 10:45 pm.

After recent interviews for CNN Philippines and PTV4’s The Veronica Chronicles, Bridges of Hope Program Director Guillermo “Gimo” Lopez now appears on TV5 program ReAksyon in a two-part special.


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15 Tips to Fight Your Addiction to Facebook


Many would say they have an addiction to Facebook, but are they really? True addiction to Facebook, and other types of social media, is actually harmful. It can cause rifts in relationships, family problems, and even a waning performance at work or in school.

However, even if you don’t have a full-blown addiction to Facebook or any other social media, spending too much time on the internet is still unhealthy. Every moment you spend scrolling over newsfeeds is time not spent on more productive and important things, or with family and friends. It also prevents you from being active, which could have repercussions to your health in the long run.

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Foolproof Tips for Healthy Relationships in Recovery


Cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships in recovery is vital in your long-term sobriety. Learn how you can build healthy relationships by following these tips.

So you have gone out of rehab. You have left the safe cocoon of your treatment and now you’re back to the outside world, the world you have left shattered because of your active addiction. It feels like you have to work your way from the ground up, especially when it comes to your family and relationships.

Years of chronic drug or alcohol abuse have led you to many destructive consequences, and now you have the chance to rebuild. Inside the rehab, with your peers, you have learned many like skills to help you “survive” as well as rebuild and build healthy relationships.


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