It’s Bad But You Did It Anyway – Addiction and Bad Decisions


The science behind our bad decisions

What makes us screw up? We know we’re going to do something wrong and we’re bound to get the nasty consequences of our bad decisions. But still, we went on and did things anyway. Why?

So you can’t stop ourselves from finishing off that third slice of chocolate cake. And at times, no matter how much you tell yourself to forget your ex and move on, you suddenly find yourself caving in and sending a text you wish you could take back.

These are just minor mishaps. However, there are times when you screw up big time.

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Drugs and Violence: A Deadly Link


It’s not rocket science. The relationship between drugs and violence is obvious. Drug abuse leads to violence.

Abusers of certain drugs, such as meth or shabu tend to be paranoid and aggressive, and they tend to commit violent crimes. Those who are under the influence of certain drugs can perpetrate violence because of the disinhibiting nature of drugs, making them much  more confident, more impulsive, more aggressive, and with a heightened violent streak. They also think less of the consequences of their actions. Alcohol aggravates the situation, as many cases suggest that crimes committed by people who are under the influence of drugs are abusing alcohol.

In addition to this, distribution of drugs, or drug pushing, can also lead to violent crimes. This creates two main links that relate drugs and violence together.

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For Parents: How to Help Your Addicted Child


How do you help someone who is addicted to drugs, especially if that someone is your child?

As a parent, you have a huge influence on your child, whether they’re teens or are already adults. However, when drugs creep in and take control of their lives, it’s like drugs are all they know. How do you take control? How do you stay close and protect them without enabling?

Here are some suggestions on what to do and what not to do to help your child face the harsh realities of addiction and find their way to recovery.

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What are the Real Cost of Addiction on Families?


Addiction to substances such as illegal drugs and alcohol are something that many people are familiar with. In fact, recent socio-political events have now put the spotlight into this glaring menace that many Filipinos have succumbed to. Now, more people know just how many are addicted to drugs, with figures estimated to be over 3 million.

However, it’s not just these 3 million people who are affected by addiction.

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Top Reasons Why Teens Turn to Drugs and Alcohol


Teens are faced with a lot of pressures from the hormonal changes that happen to them, their peers, the media, their parents, school, and from society. Throughout all this, there comes a time in their lives when they are faced with an offer to drink, or maybe even take drugs. Whether the offer us from their friends, a stranger, or anyone else, the fact is, that one decision a teen makes–to take alcohol and drugs or not–is powerful. Some teens are able to say no and others can’t resist to give in.

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10 Red Flags You’re Drinking Too Much


So maybe you consider yourself a moderate drinker. You enjoy an odd glass of wine or a bottle or two of beer to unwind or cap off the work week. Are you drinking too much?

A few alcoholic sips can one day slip into something harmful–even deadly. Here are the 10 signs that you may be drinking too much:

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Can You Break a Habit in 21 Days?


Many would say, and perhaps you yourself have been told, that it takes 21 days or 3 weeks to break a habit. But is it really true? Whether it’s a drug, alcohol, gambling, or nail-biting habit, you only have to avoid doing it for 21 days and you’re changed–or so they say. Let’s take a look at just how long it would really take to break a habit and kick it for good.

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10 Reasons Alcohol is the Most Dangerous Drug of All


Many societies in the world associates celebrations and cheer with drinking alcohol. All over the globe, people will drink alcohol at some point in their lifetimes, with most adults enjoying a drink at least once a year. And it comes as no surprise: a few drinks will easily make you more relaxed, in a better mood, more sociable, and even better-looking to the opposite sex (and vice versa, as some would say).

However, alcohol is by far more harmful than many might think. In fact, it may even be more dangerous than any illegal drug. Let’s take a look at these reasons why alcohol may be the most dangerous drug of all.

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Warning Signs A Family Member Might Be Selling Drugs


Selling drugs, or drug pushing, has huge and dangerous consequences. This isn’t just for the seller who could end up persecuted by the law or be in danger with other drug dealers. Selling drugs also has dangerous consequences for the people who they are selling drugs to. While people who sell drugs can make a quick money, in the end everyone loses.

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8 Reasons Why People Are Afraid to Quit the Habit


When it comes to addiction, it’s unusual to hear someone wanting to get sober. For one, many are in denial or are totally unaware that they are addicted. And although there are those who would say that they want to stop their drug or drinking habit, it’s rare for one to do so and succeed in the long run, especially if they have been addicted for a long time.

Mostly, people who have been dependent on drug or alcohol can’t find it within them to be sober. In fact, they may even be scared. The idea of leaving behind the life they know is frightening.

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