Bridges of Hope Hosts Seminar for Addiction Professionals


With rehabilitation centers in demand all over the country, the need for certified and credentialed addiction professionals is also on an all-time high. Due to this, Bridges of Hope has taken an initiative to host a seminar tackling the code of ethics that workers in this field must follow in order to help those who are suffering with substance addiction, or better yet, those who are struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

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Don’t Touch That Meth: 10 Reasons to Avoid it Like a Plague


As the war against drugs and those who are for and against it rage on, millions of Filipinos, especially children and teens, are exposed to the meth menace. This is because meth is present in their communities and, for some, even right in their own homes.

Aside from the potential to use and become addicted, the other face of the problem lies in the abuse that people, especially the youth, gets from their family members who are abusing or are already addicted to meth. Like a drop of ink on clear water, the problem with meth, or shabu, is that it can easily negatively affect and taint the person using it, the immediate family surrounding him, and the community in which he lives.

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So You Need Addiction Treatment: What Are Your Options?


Whether you’re a parent, spouse, child, relative, or close friend of someone struggling with substance abuse disorder, or addiction, you may have already looked at various treatment options. It’s easy to get discouraged, as rehabilitation treatment carries with it a stigma that it is too expensive, and that maybe your loved one can get rid of their substance abuse problem on their own, given a little more time. Read More

Bridges of Hope Opens New Rehab Center in Cebu


One of the country’s fastest growing rehabilitation centers, Bridges of Hope (BH), is expanding its reach to Visayas and beyond as it opens a third facility in Mandaue City, Cebu.

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Cebu Daily News Features Bridges of Hope Cebu


The Queen City of the South welcomes Bridges of Hope Cebu, a new drug rehab facility run by Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation, as it opens a new branch in Mandaue City.

Soon after its grand opening, Bridges of Hope Cebu gets featured on Cebu Daily News, in an article published October 23.

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Bridges of Hope Cebu Rehab Opens on October 22


The fastest growing drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the country, Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc. opens a third facility, this time in the heart of Visayas, in Cebu.

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Can You Recognize Addiction?


“Addict.” What image does this word conjure in your mind?

The word “addict” and “addiction” is often associated with images of desperation, poverty, disheveled clothes, thin limbs lying limp on the streets, and gaunt faces. However, the reality is so much different.

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Can Addiction Be Cured?

Drug addiction comes before you may even realize it. This is because denial gets in the way. However, you can easily tell you have an addiction if you have developed a tolerance for the substance. This tolerance causes you to use drugs in increasingly higher quantities. You would also feel a compulsion to use drugs more frequently to get the high that you are after. With prolonged use, the body develops a dependency to the chemical, causing different kinds of withdrawal symptoms when you abstain or suddenly stop.

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Help for Addiction?


Get help for your loved one TODAY!

Over 3 million Filipinos suffer from drug or alcohol abuse. Most don’t receive treatment.

CALL 09175098826 FOR HELP

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Bridges of Hope Opens New Rehab Facilities in Cebu and Pampanga


Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc. answers the country’s call for the rehabilitation of thousands of Filipinos who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and are in need of professional intervention and rehab treatment. Bridges of Hope is expanding its services throughout the country, with two more facilities opening in Cebu and Pampanga.

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