Awesome Tips for a Fun and SOBER New Year’s Eve


Here are important tips that you can use to ring in 2017 and still have a fun and sober New Year’s Eve celebration.

New Year’s Eve is traditionally a big bash with family and friends. After all, it’s a celebration of the past year and the hopes for the year to come. The promise of the new year is something everyone looks forward to because it’s an opportunity for them to break free from their old habits and start their life anew.

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Tips for Making Your 2017 Resolutions–And Sticking to Them


Once again, a new year is just around the corner. It’s time to set those 2017 resolutions. Looking back–have your last year’s resolutions been successfully followed through? What are your targets this time?

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Why the Holidays is Perfect for Going to Rehab


So the Christmas season is here, and if you’re a professional struggling with substance abuse, you may have already figured that you’ll stop using or drinking once the new year comes. You’ve prepared some form of New Year’s resolution and you’re feeling great and convinced about turning a new leaf by 2017.

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Identifying Addiction: Is a Loved One Abusing Drugs or Alcohol?


Identifying addiction can be tricky–but with these few tell-tale signs, you can easily know and get help for yourself and your loved one.

Identifying addiction, whether drugs or alcohol, can be difficult, especially when you don’t even know where to start. After all, anyone who has an addiction would more likely deny, hide, betray, and deceive their way so you won’t find out all about it.

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10 Awesome Gifts for Someone in Addiction Recovery


It’s still a few more days before Christmas–have you already got a gift for a loved one in addiction recovery?

If you’re still wracking your brains out for a gift to give to a friend or family member who is in addiction recovery, worry no more. Here are some gift ideas to give to the sober and recovering addict in your life.

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Zero Tolerance for Loved Ones with Untreated Addiction


Imagine this: Allowing a drunk person, much more a family member, to drive is so wrong. So why is turning your back and tolerating the lifestyle and behavior of someone with addiction not addressed or looked upon with the same behavior. After all, ignoring someone’s substance abuse is similar to handing the car keys to someone who is badly intoxicated.

Addiction will always end badly, and often, the family and the community also pay the price. Even the addict himself knows at the back of his mind, at some point, that what he’s doing is hurting others. However, they will not stop unless they are faced with a brick wall. And even that, they will try to smash that brick wall, to their own detriment.

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Sobriety: Your Best Gift This Christmas


When was the last time you gave a gift that made someone so happy and excited? Maybe this Christmas, you can give yourself, or your loved one, the gift of sobriety and recovery, something that will definitely turn their lives around.

Addiction can take over the life of an individual as well as the lives of the people who love him. And this holiday season, your heart may be filled with dread and loneliness as you deal with the substance abuse of someone you love.

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A Christmas Prayer for Families with Broken Hearts


For those families who are broken and in pain, Christmas may represent something that is far from the warmth and glee that many others feel during this time of the year. For those who have sons, daughters, parents or spouses who have addiction, here is a Christmas Prayer for you.

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Food Addiction–You May Have One


Do you have a food addiction? Let’s just hope all the Christmas eating is whetting your appetite and you can get back on healthy eating once again.

Eating healthy and keeping fit seems impossible for many people, especially this holiday season. Despite your self-imposed limits and your best intentions, you may even find yourself eating large amounts of food, and many of them may not be that good for your body.

What you just don’t know is, while that lechon or that cake may be difficult to resist, certain foods can cause you to have addiction.

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Alcohol Poisoning and the Holidays


It’s that time of the year again. And it’s easy to lose yourself in all the holiday cheer–and drinks. But remember, always practice safety especially when it comes to alcohol and intoxication. Here are the red flags to look out for if you think someone you know has alcohol poisoning.

So you think that your friend just had too much to drink–until she goes to the ER and you find out it’s alcohol poisoning.

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