4 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt in Recovery


Even the strongest, most confident among us will experience self-doubt at some point in their lives. And the same (if not worse) self-doubt can plague those who are in addiction recovery. However, there are ways to conquer self-doubt in recovery. Read More

Drugs and Depression


Depression can often go hand in hand with drug use. Let’s take a look at this unfortunate link between drugs and depression.

Many people resort to drugs and alcohol as a way to escape or as a coping mechanism to deal with difficult situation occurring in their lives. However, many of these people may have underlying depression.

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Are You Addicted to Complaining?


Ever wonder why some people always have something to complain about? They might be addicted to complaining.

Whether it’s a perfectly fine day, for them the sun could be shining too brightly. They have everything they could ever want, and yet they’re still awfully unhappy. Whatever situation the complainer is, there will always be something wrong, something to complain about.

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Addiction Treatment and Help


Are you or a loved one struggling with substance or behavioral addiction?

You don’t have to face it alone. Get addiction treatment and help NOW.

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How Stress Leads to Substance Abuse


We all experience situations in our lives that stress us out. In fact, stress is unavoidable. Stress, however, isn’t bad. How people deal with stress is what poses a problem. Many people are affected so much by stress that it damages their physical and mental well-being.


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Dangal ng Pagbabago: Sta. Rosa LGU Partners with Bridges of Hope for New Rehab Facility in Laguna


Dangal ng Pagbabago is a collaboration among Sta. Rosa LGUs, NGOs, and Bridges of Hope.

“In Sta. Rosa, we don’t condemn, we care.” This was a statement by 1st District of Laguna Representative Arlene Arcillas in the inauguration of Dangal ng Pagbabago Rehabilitation Center held last January 14.

Dangal ng Pagbabago Rehabilitation Center is initiated by Sta. Rosa Laguna’s local government units, headed by the city’s mayor, Hon. Danilo Fernandez. They have partnered with Bridges of Hope to lead the rehabilitation program for the area’s surrenderees. Read More

Leaving The Addict That You Love? Weigh Your Options


When is enough truly enough? When is the time to throw in the towel? Can leaving the addict that you love really the answer?

Choosing to walk away from any relationship is difficult. It can be overwhelmingly painful and heart-wrenching.

But what are you to do? Time and again, you have given your spouse every chance to change, but everything is in vain. It’s a mix of emotions that no one else can explain–unless you’re someone who is in love with an addict. Read More

Is Your Child At Risk for Developing Addiction in Adulthood?


So you see your child now–so sweet and innocent. Do you think he will ever grow up and be one of those people who has a chance of developing addiction as an adult? It’s hard to imagine, right?

Countless of research over the years have already proven that substance abuse is determined by a perfect mix of different factors. And these factors do their job over the years, starting in early childhood. In fact, the more of these risk factors a child has, the more likely he will use and abuse–and even be addicted–to drugs later on in life.

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Understanding Addiction


Despite its prevalence in most of modern society all over the world, many people still have a hard time understanding addiction. Stigma and prejudice is still widespread.

Understanding Addiction

People mistake people who are addicted to drugs as people who lack willpower or are even depraved. Many also associate addiction with poverty and being useless dregs of society. However, that’s not always the case, as many who are addicted are actually successful and even influential individuals–the functioning addicts.


In reality, addiction is a complex disease that highjacks the brain, often irreparably. No amount of willpower can often succeed in quitting this habit.

Fortunately, there are those who studied addiction and now can offer information and resources, as well as effective treatments that can lead addicted individuals to once again lead responsibly, healthy, and productive lives.

What is drug addiction?

Understanding addiction is important in order to treat it.

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. It is characterized by uncontrollable, compulsive drug seeking behavior that persists despite harmful and even life-threatening consequences.

While people who were once addicted can be treated, the possibility of relapse is often there. Still, that doesn’t mean there is no hope–there IS hope.

How drugs affects the brain?

Drugs has an effect on the brain’s reward circuit, rewiring it in ways that can often leave your brain changed irreversibly.

This rewards circuit is responsible for making the person feel pleasure and motivated from repeated behaviors necessary for the person to thrive. The pleasure is often derived from behaviors such as eating, having sex, and being with loved ones. However drugs hijacks all that so that you can only find pleasure in using again and again.

Long’term use can change the brain, affecting its various functions:

  • learning
  • judgment
  • decision-making
  • memory
  • stress management
  • behavior
  • attitude

Understanding Addiction: Why do people get addicted? 

There are many factors that make a person more predisposed to addiction even after trying a drug just for the first time. These risk factors are combined to predict whether a person has a greater chance for addiction.

1. Biology. The gender, ethnicity, genes, and the presence of mental disorders

2. Environment. The immediate influences, upbringing, childhood, friends and peers, economic status, and quality of life

3.  Developmnent. The earlier a person has taken drugs, the more likely it is that it progresses to addiction.

Cure for addiction?

There is no cure-all for addiction, much like other diseases such as diabetes, asthma or any other disease has a drug or antidote.

Addiction usually takes a lifetime of treatment and therapy, but it all depends on the unique needs of a person. Some people go into rehab once and become sober for the rest of their lives, while there are those who had to go back many times for continued recovery.


If you or someone you know has developed an addiction, you should know what your options for treatment are. Call or text us at 09175098826 (Manila) or 09177046659 (Cebu).

Childhood Trauma and Adult Addiction: The Unfortunate Link


Childhood trauma is a key factor in determining whether a person will be more susceptible to addiction later on in life.

We all know there’s more to addiction than drugs alone. Many factors are at play to cause a person to be dependent on substances such as drugs or alcohol. One of these factors is childhood trauma and stress.

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