10 Good Habits to Form (and Replace the Bad Ones)


We as humans are creatures of habit. Both bad and good habits are etched deeply into our lives, dictating our actions and decisions, even carving out the paths that you will take for the rest of your life. Read More

Your Loved One’s Addiction: What Can You Say to Stop


So your friend needs help with moving to a new place, or a family member has a serious health problem. No doubt you would extend them help. However, when someone dear to you shows signs of substance or behavioral abuse, what do you do? What do you tell them? Do you try to help?

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Bridges of Hope Opens Dental Clinic in QC Facility


Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation (BH), one of the fastest growing private rehabilitation centers in the Philippines, opens a dental clinic in its Quezon City facility to cater to the dental issues of its rehab clients (residents).

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Blackouts and Excessive Alcohol Consumption


Do you experience blackouts when you drink? Do you experience just waking up after a night of heavy drinking and not remembering anything that happened?

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What Makes Alcohol So Addictive?


Alcohol addiction is characterized by inability to control drinking despite harmful repercussions and health concerns. It also includes dependence, compulsion to drink, frequent (if not constant) preoccupation with drinking, and increasing tolerance to alcohol. People who are addicted to alcohol may also experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not drinking, making it even harder to stay sober for long periods of time.

But what is it about alcohol that makes it addictive?

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Women and Alcohol: The Hidden Risks of Drinking for Women


Women from different cultures enjoy alcohol for many reasons. However, when it comes to drinking alcohol and its effects, women are more vulnerable even at smaller amounts. Heavy and frequent drinking can cause a range of health problems such as liver disease and increased risk for breast cancer.

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All About Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling


Gambling can be fun. For some, it can be a way to unwind, have a great time with friends, or just try one’s luck. However, left unchecked, that one-time foray in the casino, at the poker table, or in the tracks can lead to disaster.

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Signs You’re Addicted to Drama in Your Life


Who would want discord and chaos in their lives? Can someone really be into stirring up conflict? What good can drama do?

These seem to be valid questions, indeed. But for some people, these statements are true. It is not as much their choosing as it is actually an inclination. In fact, there really is such a thing as being addicted to drama.  Read More

Defining Substance Use Disorder


Addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol has long been steeped in stereotypes and myth. Many believe that being addicted to these substances is a choice, a character flaw, a moral failure. However, as science have proven, addiction is actually a substance use disorder, a condition that happens right in the brain and affects behavior and motivation.

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Abstinence VS Moderation VS Addiction


Abstinence can be intimidating for anyone. The same can’t even be truer for those who are in recovery. Let’s take a look at what abstinence is and how it is different from moderation as you embark on your journey towards recovery.

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