Shame and Addiction


Shame and addiction can go hand in hand. While shame can help you turn away from dangerous or unbecoming behavior, it can make you turn to addiction as a way to escape. Soon enough shame and addiction can feed off on each other in an endless and destructive cycle.

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Sober Up: How to Enjoy Life Without Drugs or Alcohol


Life without drugs or alcohol can be an alien concept to those who have these substances a significant part of their lifestyles. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t really have fun without any of these substances.

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A Day in Addiction Rehab: What’s It Like Inside?


So you’re thinking about getting yourself or your loved ones into an addiction rehab facility. You may be wondering what it’s like once you go inside.

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Are You Addicted to Coke? (And We Mean Coca-Cola)


Are you addicted to Coke? And we mean Coca Cola. If you can’t give up that bottle, then here’s what you should read!

It’s hot here in the Philippines, and summer is making things so much worse in our tropical country. For us Filipinos, it is perhaps part of our daily routine to open a bottle of ice-cold, fizzing Coca-Cola, or Coke in short, to accompany our meals or just slake our parched throats. For many, nothing can satisfy the thirst and the hot humid feeling of the summer season that gulping down a cold Coke.

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6 Common Fears in Recovery–And What You Can Do About Them


After a lifestyle centered on drug and alcohol abuse, change to sober living can be scary. This is why many people who undergo addiction treatment and rehabilitation have many fears in recovery. At times, these fears can cause them to be discouraged and disillusioned, causing relapse and a deeper slump into addiction. Read More

5 Rules To Never Break When Dealing With Addiction


Living with someone with addiction is never easy. Here are 5 rules to never break when dealing with an addict in your life.

Addiction is destructive. It hurts not just the addict, but the people who care and love them.

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Rising from Addiction: What You Can Learn From Easter


Easter Sunday and the Holy Week in general may have come and gone, but it doesn’t mean we can’t take away important lessons from the season.

Easter is a time of revival. Whether you’re a Christian or not, this season marks change, as life blossoms again after winter. Even those in the tropics such as the Philippines, can also experience a sense of renewal and change. Easter reminds us of hope, new beginnings, and of course, redemption. Read More

Which Drug Are They Using? Find Out the Tell-Tale Signs of Addiction


You may notice that a friend, family member, parent, sibling, offspring, or colleague is showing strange behavior. You may suspect that they could be on to something as you watch them slowly yet drastically deteriorate over time. You think: This person could have a drug problem or addiction.

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Addiction Recovery Skills That Help You Stay Sober

Once you get into addiction treatment or rehab, you will not only abstain from the substances that used to drive your addiction. You will also learn important and even life-saving recovery skills that can help you move through life as a better, healthier and more fulfilled individual.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t quit addiction by simply abstaining. You don’t recover from it by just stopping your use of drugs or your drinking. Recovery is actually more than that. Recovery means you build a new life.

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These 4 Drugs Are More Dangerous to Take This Summer


While taking narcotic drugs are dangerous to take and abuse any time or season, there are 4 drugs that are especially dangerous for you in this hot summer season.

Here in the Philippines, summer temperature can reach up to 43 degrees or even more. Therefore, people usually take this as an opportunity to go out to the beach, attend music festivals, and since classes are over, to go on vacations and parties.

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