10 Signs You’re Dating a Sex Addict


Sex addiction is more common than you think. Find out if the person you’re in love with may be a sex addict. 

So you’re dating someone new and everything’s doing great. In fact, you may even see yourself with this person for the long-term. That is, until you start noticing strange things about your partner.

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10 Warning Signs You’re A Sex Addict


Do you experience problems in many aspects of your life because of your sex habits? Here are 10 red flags to look out for to know if you may be a sex addict.

Sex is considered as nature’s gift to humanity. Unlike other animals who merely have sex to procreate, humans experience pleasure from sex. While sex is but natural, there are people who may come across all sorts of trouble because of it. Read More

Meth and Your Heart: The Lurking Dangers


It’s no surprise that meth is dangerous. It can wreak havoc in many parts of your body, including your heart. Find out the lurking dangers of meth that may leave you suffering from a stroke or heart failure.

Meth is a very highly addictive drug. And no wonder; it can give users an intense high. However, once the effects subside, users can feel drained and depressed.

Meth’s effects doesn’t just manifest itself on the brain, though. The intense highs and low lows can also affect the body, damaging various organs, such as the heart.

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How the Internet Affects Students Performance and Behavior


Now that it’s the start of a new school year, let’s take a look at how the Internet affects students in terms of academic performance and behavior.

Today, almost everyone is connected to the internet. Even children can be found engrossed in their own tablets and students nowadays have their own cellphones. So it’s no wonder why the Internet have immensely woven itself in the lives of people, relying on the ‘net for many things such as socialization, study, entertainment, and current events.

For students, spending a lot of time on the Internet can do more harm than good. The internet really affects students both negatively and positively. While the internet can be a reliable resource to help them with homework and school project, things can easily turn downhill when time on the internet overtakes time for study and school.

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Are You a Social Media Addict? Here’s How to Overcome It


Social media is a useful tool. It helps people, like families and friends to connect with each other, share memories, ideas and opinions. However, there is a line between being helpful and being harmful.

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Bridges of Hope Opens Pampanga Branch

True to its commitment to recovery and sobriety for people throughout the country, Bridges of Hope (BH) opens its fourth facility, this time in Angeles Pampanga.

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Why Structure is Important in Recovery


Find out why structure is important in recovery and what you can do to maintain structure in your life.

For those who have succeeded completing their addiction treatment or rehab program, you know that this is only the beginning. Once you step into the “real world” and go back to your families and your life, you will be confronted with a barrage of triggers and stresses at all fronts. While the return to “freedom” can be exhilarating, it can also be filled with dread and uncertainty. Read More

A Guide for Children with Addicted Parents


Living with addicted parents can be overwhelming for a child. Growing up in such a household can be chaos and uncertainty day in and day out. The people that they look up to can let them down, the people supposed to care for them may end up hurting them. Are you a child of addicted parents? Here’s what you can do.

A lot of what you are today, you owe to your parents. Good or bad, the person you are today has been, in one way or another, affected by your parents, as well as the people who raised you. Your values, disposition, beliefs, attitudes, characteristics, and opinions are shaped by how you were reared by your parents–even if these parents are addicted to substances such as drugs or alcohol. Read More

What It’s Like Growing Up With an Addicted Parent


Even the best parents can make mistakes. However, there may probably be no best parent, only parents who do their best given their circumstances. However, everything completely changes when you have an addicted parent.

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When Are You Going to be Free? Battle for Independence from Addiction


Last Monday, we have celebrated the Independence Day of our country, as one nation united amidst the many challenges facing us. Our Independence Day has reminded us of the rights to liberty and freedom–the things that our ancestors and heroes have fought for.

Since then, it’s nice to say that we still have made an incredible progress towards making this independence a reality–and the people who are still fighting for it today.

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