Warning Signs of Suicidal Tendencies in an Addict


Those who have addictions, whether substance, alcohol or behavioral, are at an increased risk for developing suicidal tendencies. In fact, news reports around the world are peppered with people as well as celebrities who take their own life on a suicidal moment after struggling with drugs or alcohol.

Substance abuse and mental health disorders such as depression often co-occur. Both can increase the risk for developing suicidal tendencies. In fact, many celebrities and even regular people have died due to suicide after years of suffering from both addiction and mental disorders. Read More

Valium Addiction: What You Should Know


Valium is a sedative, an anti-anxiety drug that is one of the most illicitly abused drugs in the country. Though abuse of the drug in the country is not as common as other drugs such as marijuana and shabu (methamphetamine), there’s no denying that many still resort to Valium.

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Tips for Finding a Job After Addiction Rehab


Employment is an essential part of a positive, long-term and successful recovery. This allows you to have goals while preventing you to have plenty of idle time, which is one of the enemies of a healthy recovery. Here are tips for finding a job after rehab.

Finding a job and getting yourself employed keeps you occupied and productive. This also helps you earn, which you may need to support your family as well as pay back the debts you may have incurred when you were in active addiction.

Finding a job, or getting back to your old one, is one of the primary things you have to do first when you get out of rehab. In doing so, here are a few things you have to consider. Read More

Addiction, Depression and Suicide: The Fatal Link


Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Robin Williams, and a long list of other celebrities and countless regular people. They whose lives were taken from them by their own demons as they are gripped by depression and substance addiction. So what does addiction, depression, and suicide all have in common? They can kill and altogether, the fatal risk increases exponentially.

Let’s take a closer look. Read More

10 Strategies for Making the Most out of Drug Rehab


No matter how much you’ve tried to run away from it, the idea that you need help for your addiction is catching up on you. Now you have to enter into a drug rehab and do something about your addiction.

Now may be the perfect time to face the music and accept the time that your addiction have ruined your life. Peeling back all the denial and lies you may tell yourself and others, you now know that you have to do something.

Getting treatment is that something. You know you have avoided the idea for the longest time, but now you realize you really can’t do it on your own.  Read More

Are You Addicted to Marijuana? Ask Yourself These 12 Questions


Do you think you’re addicted to marijuana? Try answering the questions below to find out if you are addicted to marijuana and you need help.

Have you been smoking weed for quite a while? Perhaps you may have come across certain problems in your life brought about, directly or indirectly, by your marijuana use. So if you think you may be addicted to marijuana, try answering these questions to know for sure. Read More

Are You Addicted to Weed? 10 Signs of Marijuana Addiction


Marijuana addiction is real. In fact, many people, starting from early teens, try weed casually and end up developing a marijuana addiction that can derail their lives and send them on a downward spiral. Let’s take a look at the signs to see whether you or someone you know has a marijuana addiction.

In recovery, the first step is always acknowledgment. It is easy to keep on doing what you’re doing because you’re in denial that you have a problem. So before you can take the step towards recovery, you must first recognize that you have a problem, that you are abusing drugs or alcohol. Read More

Are Your Parents Addicted to Drugs? Here’s Some Coping Tips


Do you have parents addicted to drugs? How do you cope? Having parents addicted to narcotic substances can be very challenging, even jarring. However, there are ways to cope. Read on to get to know some tips.

Since we are children up until we are all full grown, everything that we do–how we behave and what we believe in–are deeply influenced by the people who raised us, our parents. Your parents play a crucial role in your upbringing. And aside from imparting to you your physical characteristics, your parents also have something to do, whether indirectly or not, with your gestures, characteristics, values, behavior, and habits. Read More

Tips for Parents with Children in Drug Rehab


Finding out that your teenage son or daughter is addicted to drugs is devastatingly heartbreaking. Seeing their children deteriorate right before their eyes is something that hurts them as well. And for some, the decision to put their children in a drug rehab facility is equally difficult.

Aside from the heartbreak, disappointment, shame, and anger of finding out your children is addicted to drugs, deciding to put them into rehab has its share of challenges as well. There’s the decision to put your children in the hands of other people, professionals but still practically strangers. There’s also the issue of stopping school, friends and family finding out, and of course the costs. Add these to the uncertainty of what lies ahead once their children gets into the drug rehab.

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Drugs and HIV/AIDS: A 2-in-1 Epidemic


There’s a sinister link between HIV/AIDS and drug abuse. Let’s take a closer look.

For the past decades, HIV/AIDS has spread and infected people all over the world. In fact, it is considered as a global epidemic. And unfortunately, this disease can be treated, but not cured.

Consequently, drug use is on the rise. The resulting high-risk behaviors, promiscuity, and lack of care for sanitation and hygiene, have also done its part in spreading HIV/AIDS among users.

In this article, we’re taking a look on the link between HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.

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