Drug Facts: Date Rape Drugs


Date rape drugs are used prior to sexual exploitation and sexual assault. It is illegal, but unfortunately common all over the world. Sexual assault refers to any sexual activity that the person, or victim, doesn’t consent to or, in this case, unconscious and can’t therefore put up any defense.

What’s dangerous about date rape drugs is that it is usually colorless, odorless, and tasteless. A person who is being drugged can’t often tell until it’s too late. Read More

Ketamine Abuse: Signs and Effects


What is Ketamine and how do you know if someone close to you is abusing it? Find our more about Ketamine abuse.


Ketamine is also considered as a date rape drug. It is because it’s a highly powerful anesthetic that makes people feel like they’re detached or dissociated from their body. It was widely used in the hospital, especially veterinary, setting. However, it’s now widely abused as a party drug in clubs in many parts of the globe.

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Bridges of Hope Goes to Bagong Lipunan, Quezon City


Bridges of Hope, in partnership with the local government unit of Bagong Lipunan¬†ng Crame in Quezon City, has conducted a seminar on drug addiction and treatment last July 28, 2017. Led by Bridges of Hope Senior Program Director, Guillermo “Gimo” Gomez, BH shared a seminar on addiction, its causes, symptoms, and pharmacology, among many other related topics.

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3 Big Reasons Why Drug Addicts Become Drug Dealers


Why do drug addicts become drug dealers? The two often become intertwined as people associate drug dealers as drug addicts. However, not all drug dealers, or drug pushers, are addicts, and not all addicts sell drugs.

Let’s find out why drug addicts become drug dealers. Read More

How Loneliness and Depression Paves the Way for Addiction


Many people associate drug and alcohol abuse with parties. And it’s not wrong. Many of those who abuse drugs and alcohol seem to be the opposite of lonely. They go out, have fun with friends, and get high.

Media isn’t helping either. They glamorize alcohol and drug use like it’s cool and people who do it are awesome. But this is so far from reality. People who are abusing drugs and alcohol or are downright addicted to these substances are on a predictable downward spiral that leaves destruction in its wake.

More likely, these people who are always present in the happening places around people who use like them may also come home, drinking or using alone. This compulsion is paralleled to a developing chemical dependency that persists until everything they hold dear goes away. They become disconnected from their families, friends, jobs, and even from their own selves.

Thus, the continuing cycle of loneliness and depression goes.

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10 Reasons Why Quitting Drugs Rocks


If you’re thinking about quitting drugs, then you should know that there’s so many good things that will go great for you. Making that decision is only the first step of finally turning your life around for good.

Quitting drugs can make you nervous, especially if you’ve been used to a lifestyle of drug abuse. What you don’t know is that finally becoming sober can offer you so many benefits. It will offer a world of possibilities that you’ve never even imagined.

Let’s take a look at why quitting drugs rocks. Read More

What’s Really in Your Ecstasy?


Unlike the food and junk that you buy from the grocery store, the drugs you buy in the streets don’t have nutrition labels, much more a list of ingredients.

Simply put, there’s really no knowing what goes on into those drugs that you like to use so much. There’s also no knowing if the drug you’ve been using is the real deal, and if tomorrow, someone delivered you a batch of homemade ones instead.

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5 Ways Your Drug Addiction Affects Your Kids


Addiction is not just a disease of one single person–the addict. No. It is a disease that affects society, specifically its primary unit, the family. And when parents are addicted to drugs, alcohol or behaviors such as gambling, the most impacted are the kids. Read More

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Addiction Rehab: Which is Better?


There are generally two types of addiction rehab treatment: inpatient and outpatient rehab. While both have the same goal of making you overcome your addiction, each type has different qualities. So if you’re thinking about which addiction rehab is right for you, consider their attributes and benefits.

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How Do You Help an Addict Who Doesn’t Want Help?


Finding out that your someone dear to you, like a close friend or family member, is addicted can be devastating. You will feel a mix of different emotions. You may also feel helpless and confused. After all, how do you even start to sort things out? How do you help someone you care about when you see them going down a destructive path?

If you feel unsure about how you can express your concern regarding their addiction, don’t fret. You’re not the only one. And there’s a way. Read on to find out how you can help an addict who doesn’t want help or are in denial that they have a problem. Read More