8 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Detox Now


From celebrities to the average joe, people nowadays go on a digital detox every now and then to focus on what really matters in life–their real life. This is compared to their life and persona online, which can be all sorts of twisted, exciting, and not to mention stressful at times. Find out why you need to go on a digital detox too.

Today, we are so connected that we really are, in fact, disconnected and we don’t even know it. Case in point: How often do you check your smartphone on an hourly basis day in and day out? How many hours a day do you spend thumbing through news feeds and tweets? All this immersion in social media and our smartphones can have a major impact on your stress levels, health, and well-being.

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Shabu and Your Baby: Effects of Meth on Pregnancy


There are many negative effects of meth on pregnancy, which put you and your baby at risk. However, not everyone are aware of these risks. The sad and dangerous truth is, many women who are pregnant are addicted to meth and therefore continue to use.

According to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), there are an estimated 4.7 drug users in the country. This means, according to the Agency, that there is one drug personality in every 8 households in the country. Their drug of choice: methamphetamine or shabu. Read More

Alcoholism in Seniors: Is Recovery Still Possible?


Alcoholism in the elderly sometimes go unnoticed. What you may not realize, however, is that alcoholism brings about many risks for the elderly’s weakening health. Is recovery still possible? Find out in this article.

Let’s admit it. There are many seniors today that are still abusing alcohol despite their age and the many health problems they face. Unfortunately, we just chalk this up to their stubbornness. What we don’t realize is this could be a life-long battle with alcoholism or alcohol addiction. Read More

Why Drug Education is Important in Preventing Substance Abuse


Anyone can benefit in drug education. Whether you’re a drug user, or know someone who is, knowing about substance abuse helps you understand many aspects of this topic so that you can rethink your own actions and decisions.

Bridges of Hope has provided both public and private organizations, as well as schools, with drug education to help spread awareness about drug abuse, addiction, and treatment Read More

Why Strong Family Relationships Can Prevent Addiction


You can prevent addiction by cultivating strong family relationships. Find out why.

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How to Recognize High Risk Factors for Addiction Relapse


For some, addiction relapse is part of their recovery journey. That, however, doesn’t mean it can’t be avoided. There are many high-risk factors and red flags that you can watch out for in order to prevent addiction relapse.

Recovery is an ongoing, life-long process. It doesn’t mean that once you get out of rehab, there’s nothing more to do. Recovery doesn’t really end.  Read More

What Do You Do If Your Boss is Using Drugs?


It can be tricky when your boss is using drugs. Here’s what you can do to help him without getting yourself in trouble.

Drug abuse and addiction doesn’t just affect individuals and their families. They also affect the people they interact with. And if the addict is a high-functioning type, he may affect the people around his workplace. Read More

How Moving On Unlocks a Life-Long Recovery


How you grew up and the experiences you carry along with you can also have an impact on the development of addiction as well as your chances for life-long recovery. However, there’s no real formula to tell who will succeed with their sobriety intact.

Reality is, what you learn throughout your life as well as your attitudes and interactions with people and your environment can influence you. They can make you develop patterns, both harmful and otherwise.  Read More

Warning Signs of Substance Abuse Among College Students


While there are many out-of-school youths that turn to drugs and alcohol, what don’t always come up in conversations on substance abuse are college students.

Many young adults are involved in some form of substance abuse, and many of them are in college. After all, this stage of their lives are prone to many pressures and triggers that feeds on their desire to experiment and succumb to substance abuse. Read More

Uncovering the Face of the High Functioning Addict


A high functioning addict is a breed of its own. They don’t fit the stereotype portrayed in the media. In fact, you may be looking up to someone in your workplace who turns out to be hiding a deep secret centered on substance abuse and addiction. You can never tell–until you read up on these signs.

Here in the Philippines, the term “addict” is often associated with disheveled, emaciated-looking person in tattered clothes living like a zombie from day to day. However, this image, while not untrue, is a stereotype. People tend to lump the term addict together to show one face, one look, which is the one typically shown by the media. Read More