Zombie Drug: What You Need to Know About Spice


All across Europe and North America, people turn into real-life zombies because of this drug: Spice. Those who take this drug can be seen on the streets slowly staggering to nowhere, looking lost and incoherently mumbling to other people. Then they pass out wherever their legs take them, when their minds and bodies become overwhelmed.

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The Real-Life Horrors of Addiction


What is it about addiction? Many people end up becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs such as meth, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and even prescription pills, do so because they don’t know the truth about addiction–that it destroys lives.

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5 Cliche Quotes That Are Important in Your Recovery


If you’re in recovery, you may have already heard hundreds of cliche quotes and affirmations that are designed to help you get through the rough patches. In fact, you may have seen dozens of quotes posted in walls in your addiction rehab facility during your time in treatment. Read More

Top 5 Careers with High Risk of Substance Abuse


There are certain professions that have been found to have more people struggling with substance abuse. These people are using drugs or alcohol more commonly than in any other profession or industry, also making them at high risk for developing addictions.

There are many factors that bring a person to use drugs or alcohol. Genes, environment, and early introduction to these substances are just some of the factors. However, one of the biggest reasons why they turn to these substances is to cope with high level of job-related stress and anxiety. Read More

How to Help an Addict in Denial


It can be very difficult to broach the subject of addiction or even addiction treatment to an addicted loved one who is in denial . In fact, your conversations may end up in bickering, fights, and a lot of animosity. This is because when addicts are in denial, they can be very defensive and adamant about their stand on the matter. Anything you say to them will be seen as unnecessary and even antagonistic.

In fact, you can say all the nice things to them, without even raising your voice, and yet they will still feel wronged when you broach the subject. But then, you know that if something’s not done, bad things may happen to your loved one. Every day that passes that they are using drugs, they go deeper into the pit of destruction.  Read More

Addict Shaming: Why it Doesn’t Work

Addict shaming. This is one of the things people do without them realizing it. Or perhaps they may just be overwhelmed and frustrated by their loved one’s addiction. However, it doesn’t differ from other forms of shaming such as body shaming or slut shaming.

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How to Thank Your Family for Supporting Your Addiction Recovery


Addiction recovery can be challenging to your family too. Of all people, however, they’re the ones who stood by you through it all–from the dark times of your active addiction and now as you traverse your new life sober. Here are some tips on how you can show how much you appreciate them.

Going through the addiction rehab process is not only hard on you–it’s also difficult for your family. They will be left alone while you’re in a safe, secure, drug-free environment learning all sorts of life skills and coping mechanisms. While you can focus on yourself without the distractions of the outside world, your family is out there, most likely dealing with all the problems you have left behind.  Read More

Double Trouble: Depression and Addiction in Women


Women tend to put others first. While this is a good trait, it can also take a toll on them in the long run. And this is one of the reasons why women are more prone to depression and addiction, as a co-occurring disorder.

Many women are living everyday in their version of a silent hell. They struggle with depression all on their own, afraid to speak up, and therefore resort to destructive behavior such as addiction or even suicide.


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Age of Addiction: Are We All Just Addicts?


We live in the age of addiction and we are all addicted to one thing or the other. Today, technology and society has shaped us to keep feeding our insatiable desires through instant solutions and unthinking over-consumption. And we are never satisfied–or happy. So are we really all just addicts?

Tiger Woods had once admitted he was a sex addict. Elton John, Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Perry, Mel Gibson, and the late Robin Williams also once admitted to be alcoholics at some point in their lives. Even Oprah said she was addicted to carbohydrates. And these are celebrities.

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Are You an Alcoholic or a Binge Drinker?


There is a difference between an alcoholic and a binge drinker. Let’s take a closer look.

Alcohol problems come up when you lose control over your drinking. This lack of control is one of the factors that constitute and an alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction. However, a binge drinker is not necessarily an alcohol addict, but an alcohol addict can be a binge drinker. Read More