Newly Sober Addicts: Why You Shouldn’t Date for a Year


The Love Month is here, and for most people, this is the time for them to be more showy and step up their game in the romance department. However, for those who are just fresh out of rehab, it’s best for them to just stay on the sidelines. At least, this applies to single, newly sober addicts.

Single, newly sober addicts, or people who have just come out of an addiction rehab, shouldn’t date or start a new relationship in early recovery. This should be for at least a year, as many addiction professionals would also agree. Read More

Double Addiction: Stimulant Drug Abuse and Sex Addiction


There is a large and growing subgroup of drug users who also engage in problematic sexual behavior. You will be surprised to know that here in the Philippines, in our rather conservative, predominantly Catholic society, drug-fueled sex parties are more common than you think. Read More

After Addiction: 10 Tips for Starting Your Life Anew


Life after addiction can be daunting and overwhelming. To increase your chances for a life-long recovery and minimize relapse risks, here are 10 tips to help get you started on a new and sober life.

Admitting you have a problem is hard enough. Following through with that can be even harder, especially when you’re dealing with addiction and a years of unhealthy, destructive habits. However, the challenges don’t end there. Starting a new life after addiction can also be very daunting. Read More

Delirium Tremens: What You Should Know If You’ve Been Heavily Drinking for Years


If you’re a heavy drinker and has always been for years, then you’re at risk for delirium tremens (DTs). Delirium Tremens is an extreme form of alcohol withdrawal. Therefore, anyone undergoing alcohol withdrawal and are at high risk for this condition must have a medically supervised detox program. This is because anyone undergoing DTs are also at risk for death.

While not everyone who go through alcohol withdrawal experience DTs, anyone who does undergo this must be rushed to the emergency to prevent further complications. Read More

Why Improper Alcohol Detox Can Be Deadly


Improper alcohol detox can come with many complications and dangers. This is why many alcohol addiction rehab facilities offer medically supervised and assisted alcohol detox to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort so you don’t have to do it on your own.

Alcohol addiction is a substance abuse disorder wherein a person is physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol. The physical aspect of addiction makes it impossible for them to quit as they experience symptoms of craving. Meanwhile, psychological addiction can cause the person to actively and compulsively seek out alcohol despite negative consequences. Read More

10 Subtle Clues Your Partner has Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder can be hard to identify. However, by looking at these subtle signs, you may be able to pinpoint if your partner, or someone close to you, is suffering from this mood disorder and needs help.

You may love your partner for their quirks, but as time goes by, you notice little things that make you start wondering. You see changes that get you concerned. You see patterns that seems off to you. Guess what–your partner may have bipolar disorder. Read More

Warning Signs of High-Functioning Depression


What’s your idea of depression? Do you know that there are people who may have high-functioning depression and you don’t even notice it?

Depression comes in many forms. It’s just not people who can’t get our of bed or those who are crying all day. Depression can be that college-educated professional coming to work everyday, or your successful boss who has garnered accolades under her name. It could also be that barista you’re getting your daily coffee fix from, or that mom who seems to have it all together. Read More

Bridges of Hope Santa Rosa Celebrates 1st Anniversary

dangal ng pagbabago 4

Bridges of Hope (BH) recently celebrated the anniversary of its social responsibility initiative with the local government of Santa Rosa, Laguna: Dangal ng Pagbabago. The celebration was held last January 16 at the Dangal ng Pagbabago Rehabilitation Center in Brgy. Tagapo in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Dangal ng Pagbabago is a community-based rehabilitation center for drug dependents and is the initiative of the local government led by Mayor Dan Fernandez. This is LGU’s answer to President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against drugs. With this, Mayor Fernandez and his team have chosen Bridges of Hope for its track record in addiction treatment.  Read More

Deep Dive: What Makes Heroin So Addictive?


When people discuss addictive drugs, heroin seems to be at the very top of the list. It’s because people, and even experts, believe that heroin is so powerful and addictive that anyone who takes it is almost certain to develop dependence. In other words, taking heroin recreationally a few times can easily find a quick and deadly transition into addiction.

Read More

7 Depression Warning Signs to Look out For in a Friend or Loved One


You never know who has depression. So it’s best to be on the look out for these 7 depression warning signs that your friend or loved one may have.

Depression is not always obvious. It can masqueade as many different things and you may have no idea. The most cheerful person at work could be suffering it, as well as your friend whom you have always thought has it all in life.  Read More