The Difference Between Meth and Cocaine


Meth and cocaine are both psychostimulant drugs, which means that they have mind-altering effects. Both may come as a white powder, and they are also compared because they have almost the same effects. Meth and cocaine also have a high potential to be abused. Read More

WATCH: Medical VS Recreational Marijuana


What’s the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana? Read More

WATCH: What Goes on in a Gambling Addict’s Brain


Why do gambling addicts love the thrill of betting so much? What’s really in it for them? What goes on in their brain? Find out in this video by BBC Panorama, which follows a unique experiment that explores what goes on in the brain of a gambling addict. Read More

Process Addictions: All You Need to Know


Process addictions involve addiction to rewarding behavior, even if it can eventually lead to a wide range of negative effects.

Not all addictions involve substances like drugs and alcohol. There are addictions that involve activities, such as sex, gambling, eating, or even shopping. These are collectively known as process addictions. Read More

Perilous Pairs: 5 Common Disorders with Addiction


There are common disorders that come with addiction. After all, addiction doesn’t come on its own. Worse than a thief in the night, it’s accompanied by its friends, feeding off on each other, with only destruction–and even death–in their wake.

You may not be fully aware of it, but there are certain health conditions that come in pairs. One condition often leads to the other, vice versa, or just occur together. For example, once you get diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease often follows. Allergies often come with asthma, and in the same vein, a cold often comes with cough and flu.

The same can be said when it comes to addiction. There are certain mental health disorders that accompany substance abuse, in what are collectively called co-occurring disorders. Read More

10 Things People With Concealed Depression Do


Concealed depression is a deceptive disease. You may not know it, but someone you love may be suffering from it. Here’s how to find out.

That barista handing you your coffee. That girl shopping for clothes. Or that mom with an adorable kid. Your cheery office mate, or even your hotshot boss. Despite all appearances, depression can be a deceptive disease. In fact, many people walk through life hiding a heavy secret called depression.  Read More

Compulsive Gambling: What You Need to Know


When it comes to compulsive gambling, the odds are against you. No one ever wins–except for the house–while you could easily bet your home.

Gambling is one of the most deceptive vices. At first, it attracts you with the idea of getting quick and easy money. Eventually, you sink deeper until you wake up in financial ruin.

Find out if you or someone you know has compulsive gambling problems.  Read More

8 Common Habits of People with Addiction


The word “addict” is getting thrown around quite casually these days. It’s easy for people to say they’re addicted to fries, KPop, dating, pastries, stilettos, and pretty much anything.

However, the real clinical addiction, also called addictive personality disorder, is serious. It is a disease of compulsion that robs people of the ability to function normally and even make sound decisions. Read More

How Addiction Rehab Works: Steps Towards Recovery


When addiction rehab is filled with misconceptions, it pays to take it from the experts, like the addiction professionals from Bridges of Hope.

Addiction rehab treatment pretty much works following the same stages. Let’s break these stages down. Read More

Here’s the Truth: Private Inpatient Addiction Rehab Isn’t As Expensive as You Think


Many people, especially here in the Philippines, forego private inpatient addiction rehab treatment because of the price. People have this preconceived notion that private addiction treatment is expensive. They either opt for public or government-run rehab facilities or decide not to get addiction treatment at all. Therefore, they are left helpless, or even hopeless, about it.

However, here’s some facts that can show you that private inpatient addiction treatment is worth every penny.

Read More