The Most Successful Rehab Programs Have These Things in Common

most successful rehab centers philippines

Success rates of rehab programs and facilities are difficult to quantify. This is primarily due to the fact that rehab facilities can’t keep track of how many of their residents or clients have stayed sober and on the path of recovery from their program for so long. It’s hard to predict life-long recovery. Read More

Insights into Common Rehab Fears and How to Overcome Them


While rehab can be a good way for addicts to get on the path to recovery, let’s face it–it’s not an easy decision. Rehab fears are real. Furthermore, going into a rehab facility and sustaining recovery require a lot of work not just from the addict but also from their families and friends.

Here in our country, with many misconceptions about addiction and rehabilitation still¬†widespreadt, it’s difficult for people who struggle with addiction to get the help they need. Families and friends also fear talking about getting their loved ones into rehab because they are embarrassed and afraid.¬† Read More

Bridges Of Hope Spreads Advocacy in Batangas League of Secretaries Seminar

BH talks in BLESS Seminar-3

Bridges of Hope once again extends its advocacy on spreading awareness about addiction, rehabilitation, and recovery as it participated in the recently concluded seminar organized by The Batangas League of Secretaries to the Sanguinian (BLESS). Read More