4 Ways to Spend Evenings Unwinding Without Alcohol

If learning how to live without alcohol was easy, then a lot of people will be sober by now. However, the fact is, many people struggle with the unease and discomfort of going through life, with its unexpected trials and unavoidable consequences.

unwinding without alcohol

If you’re struggling with your own drinking habits or are trying to be sober, you may want to consider these tips on how to spend time and relax without alcohol.

Unwinding Without Alcohol

Unwinding, especially during weekends or the evenings, after days of hard work and stress, can be challenging for those struggling with a drinking habit. As soon as darkness falls, many of you may start to think about having a glass or a bottle, but for those with a drinking problem, this often turns into an uncontrollable spree.

When they try to spend their evenings unwinding without alcohol, they feel bored, restless, anxious, depressed, and left out.

Here’s how to cope and still unwind without alcohol:

  1. Change your attitude about discomfort and stress. You may not know it, but you turn to alcohol as an escape to avoid what is in front of us, instead of adapting, replacing, or changing them. We turn to alcohol because we’re unwilling to deal with some facts of life or of yourself. Instead of avoiding, discomfort and stress, be more mindful and be in the moment. If you can’t change things, then just simply be present in them. Learn from them, both the good and the bad, or just soak in the moment and move on.
  2. Rediscover what you used to like and love without alcohol. Whether you’re in recovery or cutting back on your drinking, you have to fall back in love with the things you used to do before alcohol became a big part of your life. Think back on the things you used to love doing, such as competitive sports, travel, arts, and music, to name a few.
  3. Find the good with the bad. You have to understand that you just can’t be negative all the time. Don’t let the bad get to you. If you feel stressed out, find this as a small discomfort towards reaching your goals. Find a way to be more productive and to work more efficiently—and you know you won’t get this when you’re always nursing a hangover.
  4. Find healthier alternatives. Instead of winding down with alcohol, how about you find better, healthier alternatives? There’s tea or some premium sodas. Or how about just a cup of good coffee—better yet, decaf?


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