8 Common Habits of People with Addiction




The word “addict” is getting thrown around quite casually these days. It’s easy for people to say they’re addicted to fries, KPop, dating, pastries, stilettos, and pretty much anything.

However, the real clinical addiction, also called addictive personality disorder, is serious. It is a disease of compulsion that robs people of the ability to function normally and even make sound decisions.


Actually, there are many people who can drink, smoke, gamble, or shop without being consumed by it. However, those who have an addictive personality disorder are wired for addiction, even if they just drank a few bottles a few nights or snorted cocaine once.

To go deeper into what addiction is, here are some of the most common habits that addicts share.

8 Common Habits of People with Addiction

1. They seek excitement. They are up to try anything, even if it means danger. They are the first to volunteer to do some crazy stunt or try skydiving in a heartbeat. They usually get in trouble for their antics, but they seem to just enjoy the thrill of it all.

2. They are typically deviant. They feel alienated from the rest of the world. They have a sense of being social deviants so they outcast themselves from the world or from people. As a result, they often turn to behaviors or substances that soon develop into addiction.

3. They are impulsive. They typically make quick decisions without thinking of the consequences or the people they hurt along the way. For example, they will go out and party all night and then forget their responsibilities at work or at home the next day.

4. They seek instant gratification. They are impatient. For everything they do, they want results–and fast. If they want to lose weight, for example, they do a few workouts, but then give up easily if they don’t see a drop in their weight, or even move on to diet pills or quick promises. It’s also one reason why they’re quick to jump from hobby to hobby, job to job, and relationship to relationship.

5. They have difficulty following through with promises and meeting goals. They find it hard to focus on the goals they’ve initially set, because they eventually find it tedious.

6. There’s no such thing as moderation. They can’t do things just right–they have to take it to another level. For example, they can’t just drink a few bottles, they just have to get so drunk that people have to carry them home.

7. They lie and manipulate. They go to great lengths to mislead people about what they’re doing. They would also say what you want to hear just so you do what they want. Sometimes, they get so used to lying that they would even do it on trivial things.

8. They have other addictions. They are  more likely to have other addictions or compulsions. It’s easy for them to develop tolerance on substances or behavior, causing them to seek more and more so that they will feel satisfied or normal.

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