8 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Detox Now

From celebrities to the average joe, people nowadays go on a digital detox every now and then to focus on what really matters in life–their real life. This is compared to their life and persona online, which can be all sorts of twisted, exciting, and not to mention stressful at times. Find out why you need to go on a digital detox too.

Today, we are so connected that we really are, in fact, disconnected and we don’t even know it. Case in point: How often do you check your smartphone on an hourly basis day in and day out? How many hours a day do you spend thumbing through news feeds and tweets? All this immersion in social media and our smartphones can have a major impact on your stress levels, health, and well-being.


This is why it’s a great idea to dedicate some time to just unplug from the digital world and from your phone–through a digital detox.

If you’re still not convinced, here are the top 8 reasons why you should go on a digital detox starting today.

8 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Detox

1. Make real, personal connections. Instead of having your nose stuck on your phone for most of the day, you can actually interact with real people when you’re on a digital detox. You say “Hi” to the person next to you on the bus, ask your regular barista how his day is, and basically just spend more time and become more attentive to the people around you. With a digital detox, you’re socialization can go beyond the comments and replies, but to real, face-to-face conversations with other people. And the results may surprise you.

2. Have better, deeper conversations. So you’re out with your friends over coffee, but as soon as you sit down, you all whip out your phones and spent the rest of the afternoon alone, but with each other’s company. This is no way to live. Going on a digital detox allows you to really converse with another person, find common interests, and really be thoughtful and mindful about other people.

3. Become more productive. How many times a day do you get distracted by notifications on your phone or on your computer? By going on a digital detox, you now free up more time to focus on being more productive in all aspects of your life. You lose that time you are online and therefore distracted so you can do more.

4. Better posture. You may not realize it, but the hours you spend bent over your phone or computer is bad for your posture and your overall health. Without the need to be engrossed over your phone, you find yourself sitting up a little straighter.

5. Give your eyes a break. Dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision and eye strain are just symptoms of computer vision, which happens when you’re in front of your computer on extended and frequent periods of time. Going on a digital detox is really giving your eyes a rest.

6. Decrease your risk for obesity. The time you spend online can be time spent being active. Being tied up on your computers or hand-held devices means you have less physical activity. With a digital detox, you can free your mind and body to do more things, even being mindful when eating, which can lessen your chances for putting on weight or even becoming obese.

7. Get better quality sleep. You may be used to going over your phone especially social media right before bed. This is actually a bad habit as it stimulates you to stay awake. This results in less sleep, which then is a floodgate of many health problems in the long run. Going on a digital detox means you get to bed earlier and get better quality of rest and sleep.

8. Lead a stress-free life. Or in the case of your digital detox, a stress-free day or week. You have become so dependent on your digital life or online reputation that you get anxious or stressed when things don’t go right online. Fighting, stalking, arguments, hacking, and trolling are just some of the problems you face online, especially on social media. These things can lead to a lot of stress that are, come to think of it, actually unnecessary. Going on a digital detox frees you up from the noisy, toxic, and stressful world of social media, allowing you to enjoy real life more completely.

Next time, try to leave your smartphone at home and see the world of difference it gives you. You may feel weird about it at first, but as you get the hang of doing a digital detox every now and then, you’ll find that not being online is not the end for you.

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