A Day in Addiction Rehab: What’s It Like Inside?




So you’re thinking about getting yourself or your loved ones into an addiction rehab facility. You may be wondering what it’s like once you go inside.


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You may have many thoughts and ideas from what you see on movies and tv shows. However, not everything you see in the media is real, so it’s better to know it straight from the people who’ve been there or those who worked there, so you know what to expect as you commit yourself to an addiction rehab facility.

Here, we give you a peek into what’s it’s like on a typical day inside an addiction rehab facility such as ours at Bridges of Hope.

A Day Inside an Addiction Rehab

While there are many types of drug, alcohol, and behavioral addiction treatment programs, most follow a standard framework.

Residential in-patient treatment centers such as ours at Bridges of Hope are designed with a robust structure. It is also organized in a way that daily life inside is filled with activities geared towards treatment and recovery. The daily routines help minimize the residents’ stress levels and uncertainty, especially in a closed and controlled environment. This also provides a private, safe, and secure environment where they can be around counselors, therapists, medical staff, and peers who all provide a support system for their own healing, rehabilitation, and recovery.

1. Mornings. If you are fond of sleeping in, then say goodbye to it once you get inside an addiction rehab center. Expect to rise early in the morning for a healthy breakfast with other residents. At Bridges of Hope, we offer exercises to help you get ready for the day ahead.

This early rising time is part of helping you develop new and health-oriented habits that will carry over once you get out of addiction rehab and into the “real world.”

There will also be chorse as well as group sessions and daily meetings–all in a controlled therapeutic environment to help counselors and rehab professionals identify behaviors and patterns, as well as detect triggers from which treatment plans can be based on.

2. Afternoons. The middle of the day provides opportunities for intensive treatment. After a healthy lunch, residents begin therapeutic activities and sessions. They are also entitled to a daily siesta time, which can provide them rest and relaxation, as well as a great opportunity for meditation.

Therapies include individual therapy, group therapy, and specialized sessions tailored for each resident’s unique issues and needs.

Other alternative forms of therapy include art, music, dance, exercise, and many other therapies.

3. Free time. Residents also get a couple of hours of free time in the afternoon for writing letters, planning, writing on their journals, and even for leisure. This can also be perfect for prayer and meditation.

4. Evening. After a healthy dinner, there may be another group session. Some also include 12-step ptograms where fellowship among peers is established and encouraged for a long-term sobriety after they leave the addiction rehab facility.

Bedtime is at a reasonable hour, again to help develop healthy habits. It is important for residents to get enough sleep so they can be more alert and will have more energy the following day.
Now that you know what to expect from a typical addiction rehab center, you can now try to find the perfect place to start your treatment.

Bridges of Hope can provide a tried-and-tested, as well as highly effective treatment option that can be tailored to your specific needs. Let us help you get on the road to recovery. Call or text us at 09175098826.

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