Our Objectives

In keeping with the existing vision the Center aims to maintain a competent pool of experienced staff and volunteers willing to grow and practice unconditional service and good role-model ship for their clientele.


The Center aims to provide a holistic approach in addressing quantitative behaviorally challenged and substance abuse patients without compromising the quality of its program.


The Center aims to maintain practicality of the program package and service with the economy of its clientele in mind so that by principle it may also sustain its combative views to contribute versus the substance abuse menace in society at present.


The Center would like to provide a refuge for those seeking a long-term aftercare program that may accommodate lasting support group relationships capable of identifying relapse traps and providing moral and therapeutic support where it is needed whether it be during crisis or celebrative moments.


The Center would like to keep in its sights and traditions the belief in God as the essence and center of its multi-modal approach to recovery without which none of its programs whether they be that of the Therapeutic Community standard or that of the twelve steps will remain effective and true to its objective and purpose.