History of Bridges of Hope

BH Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation Inc. is a center with its roots traceable to a gathering of recovering individuals back in January of 2012 who named the center that time as Bridges of Hope.

Bridges of Hope survived and progressed in its initial stages of sole proprietorship and formulation until the appearance of Mr. Robert R. Ty on January of 2014 who continued with new capital and a fresh perspective of management involving the center’s directors and staff in its core mission and vision. The Original Bridges of Hope Center is now survived by one of its founding partners, Mr. Enrique Vicente Zamora, who now heads the Quezon City Branch under the same flagship name of BH Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation Inc.

BH Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation Inc. is a center now headed by its President Mr. Florencio C. Bernabe III along with its executive director Robert R. Ty and his wife administrative directress Mary Catherine H. Ty. This dynamic triumvirate of people wanted to incorporate sound and honest administrative practices side by side with a practical but quality filled approach for residents and families seeking help against substance abuse the result being an efficient and economically attainable therapeutic program for families wishing to have their loved ones grasp a better future simultaneously winning the battle against drug and alcohol addiction without compromising privacy and security.