Addiction and Relationships: How Intimacy Changes Now That You’re in Recovery



Addiction Relationships Intimacy Changes

Addiction is not an individual’s problem. It also deeply affects those who care about the addict. And when it comes to addiction, it’s the relationship that suffers.

Once you get sober, it’s also one of the areas that drastically improve. In spite of you having lied, manipulated, betrayed, argued or stole, the real you comes back when you become sober. And you would start to want to become better.

Addiction Relationships Intimacy Changes

It’s hard enough to maintain a relationship without addiction, so add this to the mix and you have a whole new level of complications. However, tarnished relationships will have a chance to be repaired. You may also find yourself able to built new, healthy relationships. These things can only happen when you’re sober and in recovery.

Addiction and Relationships

Once addiction steps into your life, there won’t be any room for anything else. Your life would revolve around your addiction, chasing your next fix. And this develops silently. You won’t notice it until it’s too late.

And yet, throughout this process, the people who care about you may notice the little changes. And any effort for them to point it out due to their concern for you is met with anger or defensiveness. Even indifference due to your denial.

As the addiction spirals out of control, relationships may get deeply and deeply damaged.

Those who enter in-patient rehab centers such as Bridges of Hope can learn how to cope and handle relationships. They will also learn how to value the people around them, those who care about them. Bridges of Hope, for one, helps individuals in recovery to learn new skills in order to help them rebuild their relationships.

If you’re considering starting a new relationship while you’re fresh out of rehab, however, this is not advisable. This is because a new relationship could easily serve as the recovering addict’s new drug. A new relationship would need a lot of time and attention, and these might distract them from their new recovery journey.

Avoiding Triggers in Recovery

This part of your recovery should be focused on yourself, on developing new habits, on learning emotional intelligence, and on handling the things that life throws at them.

Here are some ways that relationships may change once you get sober:

  • You, as a recovery addict, may speak up more because there’s no drug or alcohol to numb your pain or cloud your mind
  • You may experience depression early on in your recovery journey

However, these difficulties are only temporary and you can rest assured that your money will grow, considering the tasks at hand.

Now that you’re sober and have learned or re-learned life skills to help you, here is how becoming sober affects your intimacy and relationships in general.

  • You have an improved self-esteem
  • You internally and externally experience better sensations
  • You are more likely to orgasm
  • You become less likely to create impulsive actions
  • You are sober enough to be in the moment
  • Everything just feels better

The First Step Towards Recovery

Whether it’s your family, partner, or friends who have pushed you to be sober, you are doing the right thing. If you are looking for a private facility to start your rehab treatment, you may contact us at Bridges of Hope.


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