An Addict In The Family



Your husband’s becoming more and more distant and you can’t seem to recognize him. He’s become a stranger to you, someone who often becomes violent, or angry, or heaven-knows-what-mood now. Lately, he’s been having trouble at work and he’s losing a lot of money. You worry that he will start stealing from you or from other people.



Your son has been hanging out with shady people lately. You wonder what they are up to. Your son’s grades are falling and you worry about his dreams of becoming a doctor like his dad. One day you found a pack of white powder and some glass pipe in his room, which he always keeps locked.

Your wife has been drinking every night. She hides bottles of liquor in her closet and she’s come to the point that her hands shake when she can’t have her drink. Your children gets scared and knows better than to get close to mommy when she’s had her drink and doesn’t want to be bothered.

A Family Problem

The above scenario is not common. In all walks of life, in the province or in the city, rich or poor, this scenario happens. Addiction does not choose its victim. It does not choose the sons, daughters, husbands, and wives it preys on.

If you live with someone who has an alcohol or substance addiction, you know very well how much it affects the whole family, even the children.

Everyday, you teeter-totter with different emotions: anger, loneliness, blame, worry, embarrassment, fear, and despair. You wonder whether your loved one will ever come home or if you are going to receive a call from the police, the hospital, or (knock on wood) the morgue.

You try to hide the fact from your relatives, and from other people. Addiction is an embarrassing thing in our culture, something swept under the rugs for fear of people’s stereotypical looks, for fear of being the talk of the town.

But you cannot hide for long. Seek help before it’s too late.

Treatment Options

At Bridges of Hope, we offer several treatment options to help your addicted loved one to turn his or her life around.

  • We offer Inpatient Treatment within our Therapeutic Community wherein we provide medically supervised detoxification, after which he or she will receive therapy. In the company of other people who are striving to change their lives as well, he or she will be isolated from the old old lifestyle, from what has become the norm for him or her. WIthin this Therapeutic Community, he or she will learn to recognize the triggers that lead for him or her to use, and learn tools to use to combat these triggers and live healthy lives in recovery.
  • We also offer Outpatient Treatment wherein he or she sees our professional therapist on a regular basis to learn addiction triggers. The addict will also attend group meetings and build support groups.

Addiction rarely disappears on its own. It needs professional treatment. It needs a support group. It needs to thrive in a new environment wherein the triggers are combated with the tools learned in recovery, and the addictive substances or behaviors are avoided.

With your support, your loved one will finally find healing and you will find that no more will the addiction dictate your life and put his or her life in danger. And for the first time in what seems like forever, you can have some peace of mind.

Text or call us to find out how we can help your addicted loved one and your family:

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  • Dian / / Reply

    I just wanna inquire how much is the expenses for in or outpatient treatment plan? Do you have a package treatment options for alcoholic? Thank you so much!!!

  • Bridges of Hope Admin / / Reply

    Hi Dian, can you kindly give us your email address and contact information so we can further discuss our treatment packages with you? Thanks and God bless!

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