Are You an Addict? Know When to Seek Help



When the word “addict” comes to mind, people usually associate it to substances such as alcohol and illegal drugs. What most people do not realize is that there is also what we call behavioral addiction, which is a very strong urge to do something. Substance addiction and behavioral addiction stem from the same problem, however–COMPULSION. This compulsive or obsessive behavior disables the person to think clearly about the consequences of the action, even at the expense of his health and safety, as well as that of those around him.

Drug Addiction Myths

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There are numerous substances, objects and activities that a person can become addicted to. Below are some of the most common addictions and their consequences:

Addiction InfographicAnyone can easily fall into the trap of addiction. What starts out as curiosity or a casual, social activity can become a terrible need. Many become addicted to something as a way to cope with problems, insecurities, and many other negative events in life.

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To spot if you or someone you know is addicted, be on the look out for these symptoms:

  • Lost of interest in things and activities that used to be important to you
  • Not fulfilling responsibilities and commitments at work or in school
  • Sudden change in behavior such as mood swings and irritability
  • Sudden change in appetite, sleeping habits and routine
  • Being secretive
  • Revolving all activities around how to get that next “fix”
  • Doing the activity changes from “want” to “urge”
  • In terms of substance addiction, wanting to consume larger amounts to get the same experience as when you first started taking it
  • Being physically ill when you try to stop (withdrawal symptoms)

If you have reason to believe that you, a family member or a friend seems to fit these symptoms, consider having an intervention or seek professional help.

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