Drinking Dynamics: Dealing with an Alcoholic Partner

alcoholic partner alcoholism bridges of hope

How do you deal with an alcoholic partner? Read on to find out

Having drinks, whether some bottles of beer or a few glasses of wine, can be a way to unwind for many couples.Perhaps, many do it to spend quality time together or to socialize with friends. It is perhaps part of many cultures all over the world to celebrate and socialize over alcohol.  Read More

Addiction and Relationships: How Intimacy Changes Now That You’re in Recovery

Addiction Relationships Intimacy Changes

Addiction is not an individual’s problem. It also deeply affects those who care about the addict. And when it comes to addiction, it’s the relationship that suffers.

Once you get sober, it’s also one of the areas that drastically improve. In spite of you having lied, manipulated, betrayed, argued or stole, the real you comes back when you become sober. And you would start to want to become better. Read More

6 Ways You Can Have the Best Halloween Without Drugs or Alcohol


Can you make it through Halloween without drugs?

Halloween is perhaps one of the top drinking holidays in many countries. Therefore, for those who are trying to be sober or are in recovery, navigating Halloween can be tricky. Read More

Behavioral Disorders and Addiction: Why Treatment is Important for Both

There are many kinds of behavioral disorders. In fact, you may not even realize that someone you know may have it. You may think that they’re acting strange or have always been different since childhood. What you may not realize is that they’re like that because they have behavioral disorders. Read More

The Dangers of Misusing Prescription Drugs

dangers misusing prescription drugs

Have you taken more medicine than your doctor’s prescribed dosage? Have you asked for your friend’s painkiller prescription medicine to help with your own pain? Or perhaps you have asked for your colleague’s stimulant prescription to help you work better?

Whatever your reasons or methods are, the bottom line is this: misusing prescription drugs can pose dangers. Read More

Teen Vaping: Available, Dangerous And Addicting

teen vaping

Not all e-cigarettes look alike, and they can be easily hidden away from the eyes of concerned parents. And this is one of the reasons why vaping among teens are on the rise. Let’s take a closer look at the dangers of teen vaping. Read More

Male Loneliness: The Uncomfortable Truth

Male loneliness is considered rampant today. Why? Because men are taught from a young age to be tough, decisive, strong, and manly. From generation to generation, this has been the case.

In fact, you can browse through men’s magazines and see how men’s products are positioned and displayed. Strong, ripped men; successful men; men being productive or building things; the messaging is clear–these campaigns show just what it takes to be considered a man.

Read More

Dodge, Minimize, Escape: How Do We Handle Our Feelings?

handle our feelings

How do we handle our feelings? Can you relate with these scenarios?

It was a long day and you narrowly miss getting fired at work. At home, things aren’t going so well, either. Nothing seems to be going right in your life lately and there are times you feel like bursting into tears. And yet, as soon as you get through the front door, you head straight to the television, turn on some comedy show, and within minutes, you are laughing.  Read More

Addicted to Smoking? Here are 10 Ways to Resist the Cravings

addicted to smoking resist cravings

For most people who are smokers, the urge to smoke can be powerful. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give in all the time. That doesn’t mean you are powerless over your cravings.

And while there are electronic cigarettes around, these too, come with many warnings and not-so-good health reports linked to smoking e-cigarettes or vaping. Read More

Hangxiety: How Alcohol Gives You Both Hangovers and Anxiety

hangxiety alcohol drinking anxiety hangover

The pounding headache, the sweat beading on your forehead, the dry mouth, that queasy stomach. You open your eyes and regret it the second you did after getting blinded by the morning (or is it noon?) light. After a night of alcohol-fueled cheer, it’s the feeling the next morning that we dread. It makes us think why did we even drink the night before in the first place.

Hangovers truly are sinister. Read More