Bridges of Hope Opens Pampanga Branch



True to its commitment to recovery and sobriety for people throughout the country, Bridges of Hope (BH) opens its fourth facility, this time in Angeles Pampanga.


Angeles City Vice-Mayor Bryan Matthew Nepomuceno with the Bridges of Hope executives in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Officially opened last June 14, Bridges of Hope Pampanga stands on a freshly renovated grade school campus in Nepo Center. The facility was graced by Angeles City Vice-Mayor Bryan Matthew Nepomuceno, who led the ribbon-cutting ceremonies. The opening was also attended by Bridges of Hope Executive Director Jon Ty, Senior Program Director Guillermo “Gimo” Gomez, BH-BF Program Director Jonathan Reyes Jr, and BH-Pampanga’s new Program Director, Mark Ian Mendoza. Bridges of Hope staff facilitators and support staff were also present in the event.

Coming Full Circle

The facility in Pampanga was spearheaded by Lisa N. Mapua, whose daughter was once a resident in Bridges of Hope’s headquarters and main facility in BF Homes, Paranaque, Metro Manila. Her daughter used to have substance abuse disorder and was admitted into the BH-BF facility for treatment. Following her daughter’s successful completion of the treatment and strong, long-term recovery, Mapua endeavored to pay it forward and build a rehab center in her hometown in Pampanga. Mapua, who is now BH-Pampanga’s Executive Director, shares, “Three years after my daughter first entered rehab, we come full circle and have transformed a negative into a positive. She and I are now ready to give back and help other families who may have felt as hopeless as we did three years ago. The big thing that transformed our lives is that we really did find and cross over that Bridge towards Hope.

During her daughter’s treatment in BH-BF, she shares that she used to visit her daughter weekly, which entails travelling for five hours one way from Angeles City, and then five more hours back due to traffic in Metro Manila. Fast forward to a few years later and she set her sights on finding a site in her hometown. “I realized that if you want the families to actively participate in the rehabilitation, then the location must be convenient for them.” Upon finding the abandoned campus, she set off to work. Her background as architect, together with her team of contractors and other architects, have helped her create a safe, secure, yet comfortable facility that can cater to those with substance and behavioral addictions not only from within Pampanga, but also from neighboring provinces.


(From left to right), BH Senior Program Director Gimo Gomez, BH-Pampanga Executive Director Lisa N. Mapua, and BH Director Jon Ty.

True to BH’s addiction treatment approach of eclectic therapeutic community with 12 steps, BH-Pampanga will also work closely with families, also called co-dependents, to help their loved ones overcome and recover from addiction. There will also be therapy, counseling, as well as psychiatric and psychological support, all working together to address the unique needs of each resident.

Catering to Individuals and Families in Need of Help and Hope

Today, BH-Pampanga stands as a 700-sq. meter secure and private facility, with 6 large dormitories that used to be classrooms. These dorms can comfortably fit up to 120 people. Amenities include a Clinic, an expansive Residents’ Lounge, Family Room for visiting families, Conference Room, Business and Counselling Offices, Air-Conditioned Dorms with toilets, Shower Rooms, Staff Quarters, Kitchen, and a large covered Activity Area.

This facility aims to reach out to those who are in Central to Northern Luzon, who may not have the means or convenience to travel to other Bridges of Hope facilities such as those in New Manila, QC or BF Homes, Paranaque. BH also has a facility in Visayas, located in Mandaue City, Cebu.

BH-Pampanga is located at 32-7 Flora Ave, extension, Nepo Center, Angeles City, Pampanga. For inquiries, please call 0917 303 5540 (Globe) or 0908 864 1712 (Smart).


17 Responses to “Bridges of Hope Opens Pampanga Branch”

  • ARCEL / / Reply

    For how long is the treatment if drug abuse

    • bh_admin / / Reply

      Hi! Thank you for your inquiry. The treatment lasts between 6 months to a year, but it really depends on the individual progress of the person and how willing he or she is to commit to recovery. You may call or text us at 09175098826 for more information. Our rehab professionals are willing to help answer more concerns.

  • Angel Mercado Jr. / / Reply

    1. How safe your facility is?
    2. Can authorities (i.e. PDEA, PNP) “visit” the patient without the knowledge of family?
    3. What about the confidentiality of patient?
    4. How about the security of patient?

    • bh_admin / / Reply

      Hi Miss Angel,

      1. We value the privacy and security of our residents and their families. We also protect the identity of our residents. The facility is highly secure and we don’t allow just anyone to enter the premises. We have CCTV (in strategic locations) and 24-hour security in the facility.

      2. No, authorities can’t just visit any patient. Such instances still have to go through our security protocols, and we can discuss this with you so you know what the protocols are depending on the situation.

      3. Patient confidentiality is one of our highest priorities. We don’t disclose patient information just to anyone and we have strict protocols to protect our clients and their families.

      4. There are guards present 24/7.

      Please contact us at 09175098826 so we can further discuss this with you.

  • Steven Stone / / Reply

    What are your opening hours?

    • bh_admin / / Reply

      Hi Steven! You can visit our facilities between 9am to 5pm on weekdays. You may also call us at 09175098826 to schedule an appointment or to know more about Bridges of Hope.

  • Khamz Pineda / / Reply

    Do you have counseling sessions about couple?

  • Vanessa / / Reply

    Do you have a weight management program.?

    • Tiffany Reyes / / Reply

      At Bridges of Hope, we tailor our addiction rehab programs based on the unique needs and circumstances of the individual. Call us at +639175098826 to know more.

  • achie sagcal / / Reply

    i just want to know how much it would cost us if we are to put one of our relative there. pls reply thank you so much! more power to you all.God bless you all.

    • Tiffany Reyes / / Reply

      Hi Achie, please get in touch with us at 09175098826 or text us your number and we’ll call you ourselves. Thank you.

  • CHRISTELL / / Reply


  • Fe V. Ibe / / Reply

    Hello! I have sent an email. I want to know more for my alcoholic brother. Hope to receive a reply. Thank you

    • Tiffany Reyes / / Reply

      Thank you! If you haven’t been contacted yet, please text or call 09175098826.

  • august cruz / / Reply

    interested on topic of gambling addiction

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