Bridges of Hope Partners with PAGCOR for Responsible Gaming



Bridges of Hope PAGCOR Responsible Gaming Program

In a mutual thrust to promote responsible gaming, Bridges of Hope partners with PAGCOR

Gambling in the Philippines can be considered as an integral part of its culture since probably the sixteenth century, when the Spanish colonized the archipelago. Today, many forms of legal–and illegal–gambling is riddled in almost every barangay throughout the country.

Bridges of Hope signs MOA with PAGCOR

Bridges of Hope signs MOA with PAGCOR

After all, the allure of jackpots and big payoffs is attractive. Casinos also offer free drinks and other perks in one flashing, vibrant, seductive environment. However, this can all be dangerous, as people who frequent casinos or go resort to other forms of gambling, like e-games or e-bingo, may eventually find themselves in a lot of trouble. Depleted savings, huge debts, sold properties, and even legal troubles are just some of the problems caused by frequent and problem gambling.

PAGCOR’s Responsible Gaming Program

The government regulates gaming through PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation).One of the country’s largest forms of gambling is through casinos, which generate funds for PAGCOR and generate tourism and revenue for the country. With this mandate, they also take it upon themselves to inform and educate people about the perils of gambling addiction, and to promote responsible gaming.

Bridges of Hope PAGCOR Responsible Gaming Program

With this, PAGCOR has partnered with Bridges of Hope, a drug, alcohol, and behavioral addiction rehabilitation center. In a MOA signed between Bridges of Hope and PAGCOR last February 27, 2018, PAGCOR will be having a referral system for gamers and clients to get professional assistance and services for gambling problems, especially gambling addiction. The agency will be referring their clients to Bridges of Hope, as well as include the treatment center’s contact details in all its responsible gaming collateral and promotion efforts.

The MOA signing was attended by Bridges of Hope Executive Directors Benjo Bernabe and Robert Ty, as well as Senior Program Director Gimo Gomez.

Bridges of Hope Executive Directors

PAGCOR employees will also be referring to Bridges of Hope gamers who inquire about life coaching, counseling, and rehabilitation treatment.

Treating Gambling Addiction

Like drugs and alcohol, gambling is also addictive. It can also cause many problems that are brought by substance abuse, such as manipulative behavior, financial losses, career problems, legal issues, relationship problems, and even health concerns.

As a type of behavioral addiction, therefore, gambling addiction needs to be treated using treatment methods provided by addiction professionals in Bridges of Hope.

Bridges of Hope is one of the country’s fastest growing rehabilitation centers, with branches in BF Paranaque,Quezon City, Pampanga, and Cebu. It has also partnered with local government units throughout the country to help LGUs provide more affordable and even government-sponsored rehabilitation treatment provided by top-notch professionals.

For help with gambling addiction or other forms of addiction, you may contact Bridges of Hope at 09175098826.

6 Responses to “Bridges of Hope Partners with PAGCOR for Responsible Gaming”

  • jho / / Reply

    pano po ang form of treatment pag gambling addict? (binggo boss). senior citizen.

    • Tiffany Reyes / / Reply

      Please contact us at 09175098826 so we can assist you right away and answer your questions. You may also leave your contact details and we’ll call you immediately. Thank you.

  • Mario / / Reply

    Good day, I believed one of my brother is a compulsive gambler. I would like to ask, how much and how long will it take for my brother to recover if ever he decided and we bring him to your care? Thank you and more power!

    • bh_admin / / Reply

      Hello! We have treatment programs for problematic gamblers. Please contact us at 09175098826 so we can talk about it.

  • Ashley / / Reply

    hello! may i know how much is the fee for gambler rehab? thanks

    • Tiffany Reyes / / Reply

      Hi Miss Ashley, you may call us at 09175098826 so we can further discuss the fees. We have 5 facilities all over the Philippines, and the fees may also vary based on location.

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