Bridges of Hope Opens Two New Treatment Centers in Rizal and Laguna



Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, Bridges of Hope continues to persevere as we further our mission to help more people. It recently and consecutively opened two new treatment centers.

Representing Bridges of Hope in various centers across the country: Parañaque, Quezon City, Pampanga, Batangas, Rizal, and Laguna.

June proved to be a great month for spreading awareness and hope as Bridges of Hope opens two new treatment centers. These moves aim to fulfill our dedication and commitment to help individuals and families overcome different kinds of addictions. In fact, BH has five centers in Parañaque, Quezon City, Batangas, Cebu, and Pampanga. This is a way to reach out to more Filipinos who are devastated by the disease of addiction.

And to add to the growing Bridges of Hope family, two new centers were opened. One is in Binganonan, Rizal, which formally opened its doors on June 22.

Soon after, on June 28, Bridges of Hope-Los Baños also formally opened to welcome those who are in Laguna and nearby provinces.

Top-notch Addiction Rehab in the Philippines

These new treatment centers, now 7 in total, aim to provide reasonably-priced, private and professional treatment for substance use and behavioral disorders. Opening these centers allows people to have better access to top-notch private addiction rehab.

Bridges of Hope-Rizal in Binangonan

As one of the leaders in professionalizing addiction treatment and at the forefront of evidence-based treatment programs, we strive to follow international standards.

Bridges of Hope-Rizal marked the occasion with a small ribbon-cutting ceremony with only a few select people while still observing social distancing measures.

In fact, all our centers follow eclectic therapeutic community with behavioral modification approaches and 12-steps programs. We ensure that our treatment is customized to the psychological, medical, psychiatric, economic, and behavioral needs of our residents. We also work on deep-seated behaviors and attitudes that make them seek destructive coping mechanisms in the first place.

Bridges of Hope – Los Baños held a small ribbon-cutting ceremony to follow health guidelines.

We have 24/7 security and medical staff to ensure the health and safety of our residents. Our team of counselors are also experienced and have undergone certification and have received international credentials as Recovery Specialists.

There are just among the many things that Bridges of Hope offers. Check this link to know more about why you should choose Bridges of Hope as your trusted name in high-quality, professional, addiction rehab.

Stringent Measures in the New Normal

As soon as the pandemic has been declared by the World Health Organization, Bridges of Hope has taken steps to cope. With stringent protective measures that we continually adapt to this unprecedented situation, we ensured that we continue to put our residents’ health and safety as the highest priority.

Bridges of Hope-Los Baños

With the opening of our new treatment centers in Rizal and Laguna, we have added more centers with dedicated quarantine facilities to ensure that our facilities remain free from the threats of the coronavirus. This is just one of the many measures we have put in place to continue on our mission amidst this time.

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