Your 2018 Addiction Recovery Checklist


If you’ve made 2018 as your year of sobriety and recovery, then here is a helpful addiction recovery checklist that you can use.

The first year of recovery is one of the most difficult times for a recovering addict. The past and the addiction can still catch up to you and everyday can be a big struggle as you consciously battle against your cravings.

To help you out, especially as we roll into the new year, here’s an addiction recovery checklist that you can use. This addiction recovery checklist contains goals and challenges that you have to accomplish especially within the first year of your recovery. Read More

10 Tips to Make it Through the Holidays Without Relapsing


For someone who just came out of rehab, going through the holidays without relapsing can be a challenge. You have to deal with family interactions, some of them intense and strained. The following tips can help you endure the holidays while still keeping your sobriety and commitment to a life-long recovery.

Holidays like Christmas provide people a great opportunity to be with family and friends. Many are looking forward to the holidays because of this. However, as a recovering addict, you may just not feel the sentiment. At least not yet. Read More

10 Types of Toxic People to Avoid After You Get Out of Addiction Rehab


Aside of course from your dealer or the people actively involved in your addiction, here are 10  types of toxic people you should avoid once you get out of addiction rehab. The early months or years of your recovery are very vulnerable, and you should protect your sobriety and commitment to recovery by avoiding these types of toxic people that may endanger your commitment.

Getting out of rehab can be overwhelming. After many months of being disconnected from family, friends, and your old life, you are now going back to all that–and this time you don’t have your addiction to serve as your crutch. Read More

5 Cliche Quotes That Are Important in Your Recovery


If you’re in recovery, you may have already heard hundreds of cliche quotes and affirmations that are designed to help you get through the rough patches. In fact, you may have seen dozens of quotes posted in walls in your addiction rehab facility during your time in treatment. Read More

Age of Addiction: Are We All Just Addicts?


We live in the age of addiction and we are all addicted to one thing or the other. Today, technology and society has shaped us to keep feeding our insatiable desires through instant solutions and unthinking over-consumption. And we are never satisfied–or happy. So are we really all just addicts?

Tiger Woods had once admitted he was a sex addict. Elton John, Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Perry, Mel Gibson, and the late Robin Williams also once admitted to be alcoholics at some point in their lives. Even Oprah said she was addicted to carbohydrates. And these are celebrities.

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Planning to Check Into Addiction Rehab? Here’s What to Do


If you’re planning to check into an addiction rehab, then congratulations to you. Not everyone has the insight to acknowledge that they have an addiction or a substance use problem, much more to make that step into getting treatment. Read More

How Rehab Works: Here’s What You Should Know


Wondering whether addiction rehab works and if you really should have an addicted loved one admitted in one?

Here is how addiction works and the stages you or an addicted loved one will go through on the path to sobriety and recovery. (And yes, rehab works indeed!)

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How Moving On Unlocks a Life-Long Recovery


How you grew up and the experiences you carry along with you can also have an impact on the development of addiction as well as your chances for life-long recovery. However, there’s no real formula to tell who will succeed with their sobriety intact.

Reality is, what you learn throughout your life as well as your attitudes and interactions with people and your environment can influence you. They can make you develop patterns, both harmful and otherwise.  Read More

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Addiction Rehab: Which is Better?


There are generally two types of addiction rehab treatment: inpatient and outpatient rehab. While both have the same goal of making you overcome your addiction, each type has different qualities. So if you’re thinking about which addiction rehab is right for you, consider their attributes and benefits.

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Why Structure is Important in Recovery


Find out why structure is important in recovery and what you can do to maintain structure in your life.

For those who have succeeded completing their addiction treatment or rehab program, you know that this is only the beginning. Once you step into the “real world” and go back to your families and your life, you will be confronted with a barrage of triggers and stresses at all fronts. While the return to “freedom” can be exhilarating, it can also be filled with dread and uncertainty. Read More