Watch Out: Addiction and Tolerance in Painkillers


So you’re in chronic pain and your dose of painkillers doesn’t seem to provide you relief. You know you need a higher dose to manage your pain. Are you addicted?

When it comes to painkillers and managing chronic pain, it’s always a good idea to distinguish if you’re addicted or have an increased tolerance.

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The Difference Between Meth and Cocaine


Methamphetamine and cocaine are highly addictive and illegal drugs that can cause a variety of problems. Abusing these drugs can eventually lead to negative results in terms of your health, relationships, career or education, reputation, and many more.

Many people both smoke, snort, and inject the drug–and they in fact look almost the same–white powdery crystals–with almost the same signs and effects as well. So how is meth and cocaine different from each other?

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Drugs, Alcohol and the Creative Myth


Whether in show business or in the music scenes, many creative people seems to be using drugs or alcohol. Talk to them and many will say that drugs or alcohol (or both) helps them become more creative compared to when they are sober.

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Tell-Tale Signs of Addiction by Drug Type

Do you have a gnawing feeling about someone close to you because of their sudden change and odd behavior? Do you suspect that they may have a drug addiction? Read on if the tell-tale signs below check out.

Your teenage daughter, your grown-up son, your parent, your sibling, your close friend, or your superior at work. Anyone can be addicted. It’s best to keep your eyes open and alert for any tell-tale signs of addiction, which can show up immediately or through time as they become affected by these mind-altering drugs.

Now let’s find out these so-called tell-tale signs of addiction by the type of drug they use.

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Drugs and Violence: How Stimulants Use Causes Aggression


Stimulants are known to heighten blood pressure, cause increased focus, and even make one aggressive. Learn what kinds of drugs can cause a person to be violent and what you can do about it.

For some people, their first realization that their loved one has been using drugs is through an all-out battle with someone whom they used to know as calm, reasonable, and caring. They never thought that their loved one would do something to hurt them physically and emotionally, to be so violent and aggressive. It is definitely a terrifying experience.

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Drug Cocktail: Why It’s Exponentially Dangerous to You


Taking more than one drug at a time, like a drug cocktail, can magnify the effects of each drug and cause lethal consequences.

Taking two or more drugs is not uncommon. Polysubstance use, which is the act of taking more than one drug to augment, supplement, or complement the effects of the first drug, is actually the norm for many drug users.

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9 Dangerous Mind-Altering Drugs that Used to Be Legal


Since ancient times, civilizations have used different nature-derived substances to heal illnesses, protect against diseases, and improve the overall quality of people’s lives. Since then, medicine has come a long way, and in recent centuries, chemists have began to experiment with synthesized chemicals from natural substances. Many of these chemicals have led to many effective drugs while some have led to undesirable consequences.

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20 Random Facts About Cocaine

Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive drug and can be taken into the body by snorting, injecting, and smoking (crack cocaine).

Let’s take a closer look at this drug:

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5 Things You Wish You Knew Before Dating an Addict


What if you find yourself in dating an addict? When addiction turns out to be the third wheel in your relationship, is love really enough? Here are the 5 things you’d wish you knew before dating–and falling for–an addict.

So you have a stable job, a great social life, and a loving family. You have a plan for your life, high hopes for the future, a great outlook–and best of all, you have a new boyfriend.

You met him at a party, a friend’s friend. He’s charming, he’s got great taste in music and movies, you two have the most engrossing conversations. In short, he’s everything you wanted in a guy and more. Soon, you’re head-over-heels in love with him.

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Are You At Risk for Cross-Addiction?


Cross-addiction occurs when you trade one addiction for another. For example, you may have abused marijuana and then developed dependence for meth after trying it out for a few times.

Cross-addiction can also happen when you are recovering from one substance or behavioral addiction and have found yourself developing another addiction, such as sex, gambling, or any other substance. Knowing what cross-addiction is, its signs, and how it can be treated, can help you before it’s too late.

So you are recovering from meth addiction pretty smoothly–until something in your life takes a sudden turn. One moment you’re going to your meetings with your support group, motivated with your ongoing commitment to sobriety; and the next moment, you’re derailed. Maybe a family member gets seriously ill, you lost your job, you broke up with your partner, or you had unexpected problems at work.

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