Deep Dive: What Makes Heroin So Addictive?


When people discuss addictive drugs, heroin seems to be at the very top of the list. It’s because people, and even experts, believe that heroin is so powerful and addictive that anyone who takes it is almost certain to develop dependence. In other words, taking heroin recreationally a few times can easily find a quick and deadly transition into addiction.

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Which Drug Are They Using? Find Out the Tell-Tale Signs of Addiction


You may notice that a friend, family member, parent, sibling, offspring, or colleague is showing strange behavior. You may suspect that they could be on to something as you watch them slowly yet drastically deteriorate over time. You think: This person could have a drug problem or addiction.

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Drugs, Alcohol and the Creative Myth


Whether in show business or in the music scenes, many creative people seems to be using drugs or alcohol. Talk to them and many will say that drugs or alcohol (or both) helps them become more creative compared to when they are sober.

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Drug Cocktail: Why It’s Exponentially Dangerous to You


Taking more than one drug at a time, like a drug cocktail, can magnify the effects of each drug and cause lethal consequences.

Taking two or more drugs is not uncommon. Polysubstance use, which is the act of taking more than one drug to augment, supplement, or complement the effects of the first drug, is actually the norm for many drug users.

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9 Dangerous Mind-Altering Drugs that Used to Be Legal


Since ancient times, civilizations have used different nature-derived substances to heal illnesses, protect against diseases, and improve the overall quality of people’s lives. Since then, medicine has come a long way, and in recent centuries, chemists have began to experiment with synthesized chemicals from natural substances. Many of these chemicals have led to many effective drugs while some have led to undesirable consequences.

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Open Letter From a Recovering Addict


This open letter was written by Molly McBride and was published on March 16, 2015 in Thought Catalog.

We are posting this here to help other people understand addiction and to encourage them to look beyond the social stigma of addiction.

To anyone who understands, tries to or just can’t seem to:

Like many addicts I have come to know and love in recovery, I have a story.

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