How to Make 2018 Your Happiest Year Yet


What is the secret to success? How can you make this new year count? Here are some tips on how to rock the new year and make 2018 your happiest year yet.

The calendar’s turn to another year is an opportunity to re-orient, re-hash, re-direct, and reflect. It’s also like your life’s reset button. The new year is that time when you are looking forward to another time, another year, that is full of promise.

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10 Types of Toxic People to Avoid After You Get Out of Addiction Rehab


Aside of course from your dealer or the people actively involved in your addiction, here are 10  types of toxic people you should avoid once you get out of addiction rehab. The early months or years of your recovery are very vulnerable, and you should protect your sobriety and commitment to recovery by avoiding these types of toxic people that may endanger your commitment.

Getting out of rehab can be overwhelming. After many months of being disconnected from family, friends, and your old life, you are now going back to all that–and this time you don’t have your addiction to serve as your crutch. Read More

7 Ways Running Can Help in Addiction Recovery


Running has many benefits. For those who are struggling with addiction or are in addiction recovery, running gives them something more than just a fit body, but a path to a better life.

Being physically active is highly rewarding for everyone regardless of age or gender. And when it comes to physical activities, nothing is as simple and straightforward–even cost-effective–than plain old running. No equipment but your running shoes, and you can do it practically anywhere.  Read More

10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Quit Alcohol


Just because you’ve decided to quit alcohol doesn’t mean the party’s over. There are still many ways to celebrate sober and have loads of fun.

When you quit alcohol, you will see how much your life will improve. You won’t even know the effect of staying sober until you go for weeks or months without alcohol. For some, even, quitting drinking can be a life-altering decision, especially for those who have been struggling with alcohol addiction.

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5 Cliche Quotes That Are Important in Your Recovery


If you’re in recovery, you may have already heard hundreds of cliche quotes and affirmations that are designed to help you get through the rough patches. In fact, you may have seen dozens of quotes posted in walls in your addiction rehab facility during your time in treatment. Read More

8 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Detox Now


From celebrities to the average joe, people nowadays go on a digital detox every now and then to focus on what really matters in life–their real life. This is compared to their life and persona online, which can be all sorts of twisted, exciting, and not to mention stressful at times. Find out why you need to go on a digital detox too.

Today, we are so connected that we really are, in fact, disconnected and we don’t even know it. Case in point: How often do you check your smartphone on an hourly basis day in and day out? How many hours a day do you spend thumbing through news feeds and tweets? All this immersion in social media and our smartphones can have a major impact on your stress levels, health, and well-being.

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Bridges of Hope Opens Pampanga Branch

True to its commitment to recovery and sobriety for people throughout the country, Bridges of Hope (BH) opens its fourth facility, this time in Angeles Pampanga.

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When Are You Going to be Free? Battle for Independence from Addiction


Last Monday, we have celebrated the Independence Day of our country, as one nation united amidst the many challenges facing us. Our Independence Day has reminded us of the rights to liberty and freedom–the things that our ancestors and heroes have fought for.

Since then, it’s nice to say that we still have made an incredible progress towards making this independence a reality–and the people who are still fighting for it today.

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Tools in Recovery: How to Gain Self-Control


Self-control is important for everyone. It helps us avoid getting into situations that can have a negative impact on our lives as well as on other people.

Many people who fall into the trap of addiction start out with a lack of self-control. This can then turn into a domino effect of patterns and behaviors that lead them to resort to trying out drugs, alcohol, or behaviors such as gambling. These can then develop into substance or behavioral addictions.

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Turn It Up: How Music Helps in Addiction Recovery

Universally, music is already known across all cultures as providing peace, serenity, and healing. Music is indeed powerful–and this can also be harnessed for a more successful and long-term addiction recovery.

When it comes to addiction recovery, people employ tools and other coping mechanisms just to protect their sobriety and continue their commitment to a healthy, positive life. From going to addiction rehab, attending twelve steps meetings, and keeping a strong support group, there are also other ways that you can help yourself in your recovery journey. One of these ways is music.

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