Recreational and Medical Marijuana: Is There a Difference?

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These days, more and more countries are approving the use of marijuana for medical use. And, for many marijuana users, this seems to be good news. However, not a lot of these people may know that there’s a huge difference between the marijuana that is used therapeutically against the marijuana that is being recreationally used in almost all parts of the world.

So, what really is the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana? Let’s take a closer look. Read More

Why Marijuana is More Dangerous Than You Think

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All over the world, marijuana is being legalized. This in turn have caused more people to become heavy users of the drug. Sure, there are widespread studies that herald the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of marijuana. But why are many concerned?

Find out why marijuana is actually more dangerous than you think. Read More

Drug Cocktail: Mixing Meth with Weed


Meth with weed, or having weed laced with meth may not be common, but it’s possible. Many people, especially those who buy weed from the streets, may not know that their weed is mixed with meth. However, there are those who intentionally mix meth with weed for a variety of reasons. Read More

WATCH: Medical VS Recreational Marijuana


What’s the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana? Read More

Perilous Pairs: 5 Common Disorders with Addiction


There are common disorders that come with addiction. After all, addiction doesn’t come on its own. Worse than a thief in the night, it’s accompanied by its friends, feeding off on each other, with only destruction–and even death–in their wake.

You may not be fully aware of it, but there are certain health conditions that come in pairs. One condition often leads to the other, vice versa, or just occur together. For example, once you get diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease often follows. Allergies often come with asthma, and in the same vein, a cold often comes with cough and flu.

The same can be said when it comes to addiction. There are certain mental health disorders that accompany substance abuse, in what are collectively called co-occurring disorders. Read More

Spice Up Your Life? The Dangers of Synthetic Cannabinoids

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Synthetic cannabinoids are so much different than natural ones. While they are called cannabinoids and found in herbal or liquid incense, they’re far from natural, or even from their counterparts, marijuana.

This is because synthetic cannabinoids are actually man-made and may affect the brain more powerfully than marijuana can. It is sprayed on dried, shredded plant material and are marketed as “fake weed” but is far from being safe, natural, or even legal. In fact, its effects can be more powerful and more dangerous, if not fatal.

Today, it’s sold in colorful packages and plastic bottles that make them seem herbal or natural. This is why they are attractive to many consumers, especially the young ones. They come in different names, such as “spice.” It’s also called K2, Joker, Black Mamba, Kronic, and Kush.

To give you more perspective on just how dangerous this drug can be, here’s a useful set of infographics:

synthetic cannabinoid1




If you know someone who is addicted to marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids like Spice, seek help. Call or text us at Bridges of Hope: 09175098826.


Today’s Marijuana: 10 Things You Need to Know


If marijuana conjures images of the mellow, peaceful hippy culture of the 70s, then you’ll surprised to know that today’s marijuana is so much different than what it was decades ago.

For starters, today’s marijuana is so much more potent than before, thanks to the many hybridizations and strains that are now being grown today.  Read More

11 Ways to Spot a Drug Addict in Your Workplace


People who are addicted to drugs like shabu (methamphetamine), marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and other substances are everywhere. It doesn’t matter what their economic status, educational background, location, age, job, or physical appearance. You can’t judge a drug addict by looks alone, nor by superficial stereotypes.

Addiction can come to anyone regardless of status, job, education, religion, or gender. And this is why it’s hard to see if someone you know is already addicted to drugs or a high-functioning addict. In fact, you may have someone in your workplace who is already a drug addict and is bringing grief to you or your organization. Read More

Are You Addicted to Weed? 10 Signs of Marijuana Addiction


Marijuana addiction is real. In fact, many people, starting from early teens, try weed casually and end up developing a marijuana addiction that can derail their lives and send them on a downward spiral. Let’s take a look at the signs to see whether you or someone you know has a marijuana addiction.

In recovery, the first step is always acknowledgment. It is easy to keep on doing what you’re doing because you’re in denial that you have a problem. So before you can take the step towards recovery, you must first recognize that you have a problem, that you are abusing drugs or alcohol. Read More

Which Drug Are They Using? Find Out the Tell-Tale Signs of Addiction


You may notice that a friend, family member, parent, sibling, offspring, or colleague is showing strange behavior. You may suspect that they could be on to something as you watch them slowly yet drastically deteriorate over time. You think: This person could have a drug problem or addiction.

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