Is Short-Term Drug Use Okay? Separate the Facts from the Myths


Short-term drug use can still be dangerous. You can never tell: your one time can be your last time.

It’s no secret that drug addiction is an epidemic here in our country. In fact, the Duterte administration have turned the conversation and the spotlight on the rampant drug peddling and drug addiction that have taken hold all over the Philippines.

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These 4 Drugs Are More Dangerous to Take This Summer


While taking narcotic drugs are dangerous to take and abuse any time or season, there are 4 drugs that are especially dangerous for you in this hot summer season.

Here in the Philippines, summer temperature can reach up to 43 degrees or even more. Therefore, people usually take this as an opportunity to go out to the beach, attend music festivals, and since classes are over, to go on vacations and parties.

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Drug Cocktail: Why It’s Exponentially Dangerous to You


Taking more than one drug at a time, like a drug cocktail, can magnify the effects of each drug and cause lethal consequences.

Taking two or more drugs is not uncommon. Polysubstance use, which is the act of taking more than one drug to augment, supplement, or complement the effects of the first drug, is actually the norm for many drug users.

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You Don’t Need Drugs to Dance

dont-need- drugs-to-dance

Really, you don’t need drugs to dance. So next time you go to a rave party, hold off on those pills and stay sober.

For one, you don’t know what you might be popping into your system (and your brain), and mixed with alcohol and heat, you may end up with your fun cut abruptly short due to health problems. Besides, it’s still best to experience life with your eyes wide open and your mind clear.

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Program Director Gimo Gomez Appears on TV5 ReAksyon


Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Foundation Program Director, Gimo Gomez, is interviewed by prominent broadcaster Luchi Cruz-Valdez on ReAksyon, which shows on TV5 at 10:45 pm.

After recent interviews for CNN Philippines and PTV4’s The Veronica Chronicles, Bridges of Hope Program Director Guillermo “Gimo” Lopez now appears on TV5 program ReAksyon in a two-part special.


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6 Signs Your Friends Make Your Addiction Worse


Are your friends making you guilty for trying to be sober? Are they telling you that you don’t have to go to rehab because they tried it and it didn’t work for them? Do they tell you that you’ve just been brainwashed by your counselors? Do they go on and on about you being such a kill-joy for not going on a binge with them? It this is the case, then your friends are not helping you.

If your friends are making you feel guilty about abstaining or trying to be sober or going to rehab, it’s not your problem but theirs. Perhaps your courage and commitment to change is making them think about their own substance abuse problems–and they are scared.

Your friends may be making your addiction worse

If your friends are into sports or board games, then there’s a pretty good chance you’re active too and can rack up high scores in Scrabble. If your friends are into drinking coffee or watching weight, then you may have tried it at least once too. More often than not, you and your friends spend time together doing the same things. The same can be said when your friends are using drugs or are into drinking. After all, birds of the same feather flock together.

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9 Dangerous Mind-Altering Drugs that Used to Be Legal


Since ancient times, civilizations have used different nature-derived substances to heal illnesses, protect against diseases, and improve the overall quality of people’s lives. Since then, medicine has come a long way, and in recent centuries, chemists have began to experiment with synthesized chemicals from natural substances. Many of these chemicals have led to many effective drugs while some have led to undesirable consequences.

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Ecstasy: What’s With All the Rave?


Over the past years, Ecstasy has been widely used as a party drug by teens and young adults. The drug has now recently been under closer scrutiny with reports of 5 youths dying in a concert from what was suspected as party-drug use. So what’s with all the rave?

Ecstasy, also known as Molly and MDMA, has been widely popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s, especially in the rolling, all-night rave parties and electronic dance music scenes. For avid party goers who are looking for a heightened experience, E represented to them euphoria, energy, and escape.

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