10 Subtle Clues Your Partner has Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder can be hard to identify. However, by looking at these subtle signs, you may be able to pinpoint if your partner, or someone close to you, is suffering from this mood disorder and needs help.

You may love your partner for their quirks, but as time goes by, you notice little things that make you start wondering. You see changes that get you concerned. You see patterns that seems off to you. Guess what–your partner may have bipolar disorder. Read More

Warning Signs of High-Functioning Depression


What’s your idea of depression? Do you know that there are people who may have high-functioning depression and you don’t even notice it?

Depression comes in many forms. It’s just not people who can’t get our of bed or those who are crying all day. Depression can be that college-educated professional coming to work everyday, or your successful boss who has garnered accolades under her name. It could also be that barista you’re getting your daily coffee fix from, or that mom who seems to have it all together. Read More

How to Enjoy Christmas Parties without Alcohol


It’s that time of the year again and you probably have invitations to Christmas parties left and right. However, Christmas parties also mean there will be alcohol–and loads of it. So if you’re in recovery or trying to be sober, here are ways you can say “No” to alcohol while still enjoying your Christmas party.

If you haven’t touched a drink in your life, then it’s easy for you to say “No” to alcohol. However, if you’ve been a party animal before, always drinking, or known by your friends for being the drunken life of the party, then declining alcohol may not be such a simple thing. Read More

Pornosexual or Porn Addict: Is there a Difference?


Pornosexual is a new term that is coined to describe a person whose sexual preference lie with porn more strongly than with actual sex. However, isn’t this just a fancy term for a porn addict? Read More

10 Types of Toxic People to Avoid After You Get Out of Addiction Rehab


Aside of course from your dealer or the people actively involved in your addiction, here are 10  types of toxic people you should avoid once you get out of addiction rehab. The early months or years of your recovery are very vulnerable, and you should protect your sobriety and commitment to recovery by avoiding these types of toxic people that may endanger your commitment.

Getting out of rehab can be overwhelming. After many months of being disconnected from family, friends, and your old life, you are now going back to all that–and this time you don’t have your addiction to serve as your crutch. Read More

How Low Self-Esteem Can Lead to Addiction


People with low self-esteem are often more predisposed to developing addictions. Find out what links low self-esteem with the addictive personality.

How you view yourself affects your life. If you have low self-esteem, this can affect how you accept the experiences and events in your life. Those who have low self-esteem usually finds it hard to experience genuine satisfaction and happiness in their lives. They also find it hard to appreciate the things that they have. This will make them have attention-seeking behavior for approval. They may also turn to abusing drugs and alcohol or engaging in addictive activities in order to seek solace. Read More

Alcohol and And Sexual Aggression


Just what is it about alcohol that make people more prone to sexual aggression? Many studies have shown how alcohol affects the brain and makes people become uninhibited, confrontational, confident, sexually stimulated, and aggressive.

Let’s face it–alcohol reduces our ability to think straight and make better judgments. This is why many people make rapid decisions or give in to impulses. They get tunnel vision when they’re drunk and they don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Often, people who are drunk engage in violent, aggressive, and promiscuous behavior. Read More

Grandiosity and Arrogance: The Hallmarks of Addiction


Grandiosity and arrogance are pitfalls that leave you sunk deep in addiction. These are part of a list of traits that comprise of an addictive personality, which many addicts share.

Let’s find out why grandiosity and arrogance can lead to addiction. Read More

Do You Have Concealed Depression? Look at These 15 Signs


In this age of sharing, and even over-sharing, there are still those who are not open about what they feel. Some of these people may have what we call concealed depression–and you may be one of them. Read More

Love Addiction: Are You Addicted to Love?


Love addiction is real and you may have it. Read on to find out the signs of love addiction and what you can do about it.

We all want to be loved. Reality is, the desire to love and be loved is one the things that make us human. And if you’ve ever been in love, you know how powerful and intoxicating it could be. You wish the euphoric feeling would never end. But when it does, you get devastatingly heartbroken and soon are out to search for that feeling again. Read More