Age of Addiction: Are We All Just Addicts?


We live in the age of addiction and we are all addicted to one thing or the other. Today, technology and society has shaped us to keep feeding our insatiable desires through instant solutions and unthinking over-consumption. And we are never satisfied–or happy. So are we really all just addicts?

Tiger Woods had once admitted he was a sex addict. Elton John, Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Perry, Mel Gibson, and the late Robin Williams also once admitted to be alcoholics at some point in their lives. Even Oprah said she was addicted to carbohydrates. And these are celebrities.

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Shabu and Your Baby: Effects of Meth on Pregnancy


There are many negative effects of meth on pregnancy, which put you and your baby at risk. However, not everyone are aware of these risks. The sad and dangerous truth is, many women who are pregnant are addicted to meth and therefore continue to use.

According to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), there are an estimated 4.7 drug users in the country. This means, according to the Agency, that there is one drug personality in every 8 households in the country. Their drug of choice: methamphetamine or shabu. Read More

11 Ways to Spot a Drug Addict in Your Workplace


People who are addicted to drugs like shabu (methamphetamine), marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and other substances are everywhere. It doesn’t matter what their economic status, educational background, location, age, job, or physical appearance. You can’t judge a drug addict by looks alone, nor by superficial stereotypes.

Addiction can come to anyone regardless of status, job, education, religion, or gender. And this is why it’s hard to see if someone you know is already addicted to drugs or a high-functioning addict. In fact, you may have someone in your workplace who is already a drug addict and is bringing grief to you or your organization. Read More

Meth and Your Heart: The Lurking Dangers


It’s no surprise that meth is dangerous. It can wreak havoc in many parts of your body, including your heart. Find out the lurking dangers of meth that may leave you suffering from a stroke or heart failure.

Meth is a very highly addictive drug. And no wonder; it can give users an intense high. However, once the effects subside, users can feel drained and depressed.

Meth’s effects doesn’t just manifest itself on the brain, though. The intense highs and low lows can also affect the body, damaging various organs, such as the heart.

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Meth Triggers: What to Watch Out For


Meth is one of the most widely used and highly addictive drugs here in our country. Its rampant use has led the government to a heightened nationwide crackdown of drug traffickers and sellers as well as the rehabilitation of users.

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Violent Drugs: Most Common Substances That Make People Violent


There are many so-called violent drugs that create changes in people’s brain to make them more aggressive. Let’s explore what these violent drugs are. Read More

Is Short-Term Drug Use Okay? Separate the Facts from the Myths


Short-term drug use can still be dangerous. You can never tell: your one time can be your last time.

It’s no secret that drug addiction is an epidemic here in our country. In fact, the Duterte administration have turned the conversation and the spotlight on the rampant drug peddling and drug addiction that have taken hold all over the Philippines.

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Which Drug Are They Using? Find Out the Tell-Tale Signs of Addiction


You may notice that a friend, family member, parent, sibling, offspring, or colleague is showing strange behavior. You may suspect that they could be on to something as you watch them slowly yet drastically deteriorate over time. You think: This person could have a drug problem or addiction.

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These 4 Drugs Are More Dangerous to Take This Summer


While taking narcotic drugs are dangerous to take and abuse any time or season, there are 4 drugs that are especially dangerous for you in this hot summer season.

Here in the Philippines, summer temperature can reach up to 43 degrees or even more. Therefore, people usually take this as an opportunity to go out to the beach, attend music festivals, and since classes are over, to go on vacations and parties.

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The Difference Between Meth and Cocaine


Methamphetamine and cocaine are highly addictive and illegal drugs that can cause a variety of problems. Abusing these drugs can eventually lead to negative results in terms of your health, relationships, career or education, reputation, and many more.

Many people both smoke, snort, and inject the drug–and they in fact look almost the same–white powdery crystals–with almost the same signs and effects as well. So how is meth and cocaine different from each other?

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