It’s Bad But You Did It Anyway – Addiction and Bad Decisions


The science behind our bad decisions

What makes us screw up? We know we’re going to do something wrong and we’re bound to get the nasty consequences of our bad decisions. But still, we went on and did things anyway. Why?

So you can’t stop ourselves from finishing off that third slice of chocolate cake. And at times, no matter how much you tell yourself to forget your ex and move on, you suddenly find yourself caving in and sending a text you wish you could take back.

These are just minor mishaps. However, there are times when you screw up big time.

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Kinds of Thinking That Can Ruin Your Recovery


There are negative kinds of thinking that have the potential of leaving you with a stagnating state of mind, unable to grasp other ideas and unable to grow or mature. These negative kinds of thinking should be avoided, especially if you are recovering from drug, alcohol, or behavioral addiction.

What you think, you become. And when it comes to recovering from addiction, how you think determines how you will behave and deal with whatever comes at you in life. Positive ways of thinking and looking at things can contribute to a more successful, more long-term recovery, while there are negative ways of thinking that can ruin your chances at a sober, healthier, fuller, and much more productive life.

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Daily Motivation: Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Strong, Sane and Sober

Yes To You

No matter who you are, or how far along you are in your recovery, you will find out that there will always be challenges along the way. These challenges will not only test your sobriety, but also your disposition and inner strength. During these times, you need an extra boost of motivation to keep you going on the right track. While some can find this motivation within themselves, some may still need a little shove in the right direction with some outside help.

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Attitude of Gratitude: Why It’s Important in Addiction Recovery

It may sound cliché, but “Count your blessings” is truly an important mantra in life. People who are grateful for even the simplest things they have in life tend to have more happiness and peace of mind. When they are constantly looking at what they lack in life, or that they don’t have this or that in life, then it will be very difficult for them to find satisfaction and peace of mind.


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Addiction’s Twin Is Lying

Stephen King, famous author who has written 63 books (Carrie, The Shining, The Green Mile) in 35 years has admitted to spending most of the 80s on an extended drug and alcohol binge. He even admitted that his brain was so fogged with drugs and alcohol that he can barely remember the books that he wrote during those times.

Addiction and Lying

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Top 12 Inspiring Quotes About Addiction

When people refer to someone as being an “addict” thoughts of a emaciated, dirty and disheveled person high on drugs come to mind. In our society, it may as well be easy to generalize things this way, but this is dangerous. If you read on our article debunking addiction myths, you will find out why–and may even be further enlightened.

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