Mixing Drugs: What is Poly Drug Abuse


Mixing drugs, or poly drug abuse, is often used by people who are addicted to substances but have already developed a tolerance for their initial drug of choice. And so, they would experiment mixing drugs together to get the high that they want or even get higher still.

In that insatiable thirst for the high, the addicted person would often stop caring what kind of drugs or substances they use as long as they get off on them. Often, these mixes of substances can cut it, but there are also times that these mixes of drugs can be prove to be a fatal recipe. Read More

Drug Cocktail: Why It’s Exponentially Dangerous to You


Taking more than one drug at a time, like a drug cocktail, can magnify the effects of each drug and cause lethal consequences.

Taking two or more drugs is not uncommon. Polysubstance use, which is the act of taking more than one drug to augment, supplement, or complement the effects of the first drug, is actually the norm for many drug users.

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Are You At Risk for Cross-Addiction?


Cross-addiction occurs when you trade one addiction for another. For example, you may have abused marijuana and then developed dependence for meth after trying it out for a few times.

Cross-addiction can also happen when you are recovering from one substance or behavioral addiction and have found yourself developing another addiction, such as sex, gambling, or any other substance. Knowing what cross-addiction is, its signs, and how it can be treated, can help you before it’s too late.

So you are recovering from meth addiction pretty smoothly–until something in your life takes a sudden turn. One moment you’re going to your meetings with your support group, motivated with your ongoing commitment to sobriety; and the next moment, you’re derailed. Maybe a family member gets seriously ill, you lost your job, you broke up with your partner, or you had unexpected problems at work.

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Pop It: Sleeping Pill Addiction


Often, when you think about addiction, you just see an image filled with illicit drugs such as marijuana, meth, cocaine, and heroin. However, there are many other substances that are highly addictive, and one of this is the sleeping pill. By knowing the signs of sleeping pill addiction, you might be able to save your life, or that of someone dear to you.

Insomnia can be a distressing, disconcerting condition that can leave you drained. It can take a toll on your daily life, your relationships, your body, and your mind. Many people who suffer from insomnia turn to various medications to cope with their sleeping difficulties. However, it is when you develop dependence on these sleeping pills over a long period of time that it becomes an addiction risk.


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