How to Make 2018 Your Happiest Year Yet


What is the secret to success? How can you make this new year count? Here are some tips on how to rock the new year and make 2018 your happiest year yet.

The calendar’s turn to another year is an opportunity to re-orient, re-hash, re-direct, and reflect. It’s also like your life’s reset button. The new year is that time when you are looking forward to another time, another year, that is full of promise.

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5 Things to Tell Yourself When You Want a Drink This Holiday Season


For many drinkers, declining even a sip of alcohol can be a big challenge especially this holiday season . After all, what harm can it do? Having a drink this holiday season is in fact the norm as many people get together and celebrate over beers, wines, and cocktails. Read More

10 Reasons Why It’s Great to be Sober This Christmas


It’s great to be sober this Christmas. And not just because you’re in recovery. There are many benefits to being sober this Christmas or in any other day of the year. Even those who are not recovering from addiction can learn a thing or two from these 10 tips. Read More

How to be Grateful This Holiday Season


This time of the year can be very stressful. All the holiday preparations, making sure everyone has presents and all the holiday meal groceries and menus are made, the parties attended, the list goes on. Things can become so chaotic this holiday season that the real meaning of Christmas can get lost.

Guess what–there’s a lot more things to celebrate than the food on the table, the gifts under the Christmas tree, the clothes on your back. For one, just the fact that you’re alive and sober is worth celebrating enough. Read More

10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Quit Alcohol


Just because you’ve decided to quit alcohol doesn’t mean the party’s over. There are still many ways to celebrate sober and have loads of fun.

When you quit alcohol, you will see how much your life will improve. You won’t even know the effect of staying sober until you go for weeks or months without alcohol. For some, even, quitting drinking can be a life-altering decision, especially for those who have been struggling with alcohol addiction.

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How to Make any Holiday a Sober Celebration


Sober celebration may have been impossible and even laughable to you in the past, when you were in active addiction. But now that you’re in recovery, you have to see the many perks of having a sober celebration during the holidays.

Holidays and traditions are inevitable. Where once you use it to get away from family and get high, or get intoxicated, the bottom line is, these events can make or break your recovery now. Read More

How to Help an Addict in Denial


It can be very difficult to broach the subject of addiction or even addiction treatment to an addicted loved one who is in denial . In fact, your conversations may end up in bickering, fights, and a lot of animosity. This is because when addicts are in denial, they can be very defensive and adamant about their stand on the matter. Anything you say to them will be seen as unnecessary and even antagonistic.

In fact, you can say all the nice things to them, without even raising your voice, and yet they will still feel wronged when you broach the subject. But then, you know that if something’s not done, bad things may happen to your loved one. Every day that passes that they are using drugs, they go deeper into the pit of destruction.  Read More

Are You an Alcoholic or a Binge Drinker?


There is a difference between an alcoholic and a binge drinker. Let’s take a closer look.

Alcohol problems come up when you lose control over your drinking. This lack of control is one of the factors that constitute and an alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction. However, a binge drinker is not necessarily an alcohol addict, but an alcohol addict can be a binge drinker. Read More

10 Reasons Why Quitting Drugs Rocks


If you’re thinking about quitting drugs, then you should know that there’s so many good things that will go great for you. Making that decision is only the first step of finally turning your life around for good.

Quitting drugs can make you nervous, especially if you’ve been used to a lifestyle of drug abuse. What you don’t know is that finally becoming sober can offer you so many benefits. It will offer a world of possibilities that you’ve never even imagined.

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Hangovers and Blackouts: When You Should Seek Help


Hangovers and blackouts are mostly associated with alcohol. With hangovers, you’re usually unable to function the morning or the next time after being heavily intoxicated the night before. Meanwhile, a blackout is a distressing effect of alcohol abuse because you may suddenly lose consciousness and not remember what happened the night before. Read More